Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January Jumpstart: Mini Tasks for a More Curated life

The curated life- a phrase I’ve been playing around with- refers to intentionality, focus, and simplicity. Come along for the ride and try my January Jumpstart (which includes a day of “catchup” every Sunday, or try Emily Ley’s from the Simplified Life where I got the idea (I plan to try hers at some point also!) :


Jan 1st- Start with a brain dump- prioritize your thoughts, goals, and to-do lists. This will help as you dive into this month! Here is another blogger where I got this idea and her article on how to do it. 

Jan 2nd- kitchen counter refresh (Take everything off, rearrange, clean and organize) 

Jan 3rd- conquer the paper mess (come up with a system that works for you- we’ll revisit it later on!)

Jan 4th get on top of laundry OR organize a problem space in your closet

Jan 5th-do anything you missed the first week

Jan 6th- make a list of all your favorite meals. Put it somewhere you can find it easily on nights you aren’t sure what to make!

Jan 7th- go through your accessories/hair goodies/ products. Get rid of anything you wouldn’t purchase again. 

Jan 8th- unsubscribe from emails (or ask them to send you less) of emails you never open or that cause you to waste time or buy things you don’t need. 

Jan 9th- get on top any thank you, “just dropping a note”, birthday cards, get well cards you need to send out. 

Jan 10th- search your cookbooks and try a new meal. If it’s amazing add it to your rotation you made Jan 6th!

Jan 11th - go through your shoes/coats/scarves/gloves. Donate/sell 5 items (or whatever number makes sense for your life)

Jan 12th- do/finish anything you missed from week 2

Jan 13- deep clean a space in your home- a bathroom, the laundry, whatever needs it most! 

Jan 14th- print your photos. Whether that’s for baby books, scrapbooks, photo albums, or just to send some to grandparents or refresh your framed photos of grandkids.

Jan 15th- go through your tops- tees/dresses/sweaters/ etc and donate/sell 5 of them that you wouldn’t purchase again. Asking yourself that question is an easy way to find things you really just don’t like anymore (or any number that works better for you!)

Jan 16th- bedside table refresh. Get rid of what doesn’t need to be there- and add what you’d like to add your your nighttime routine. A good book, devotion, or face cream, etc 

Jan 17th- revisit your paper situation. Revise as needed 

Jan 18th- tackle the worst room in your house. Make it at least “passable” where it’s no longer stressing you out. 

Jan 19th- finish or do anything you missed from week 3

Jan 20th- take a peek at your finances. Make a goal for yourself for 2020. Whether it’s getting your savings account a bit higher, putting an extra $100 into your mortgage each month, or starting a fund for a special thing like travel or house updates.

Jan 21- go through your kitchen wares- ditch a few unused mugs, organize your tupperware, and assess your use of cabinetry. Try something different in your problem areas. It’s hard to do something different and retrain your brain where they are now but it may work much better! (I recently redid my Tupperware and it’s working amazingly!)

Jan 22- deep clean another bathroom or dirty space in your home. Revel in the clean!

Jan 23- update baby books and/or  reach out to a friend you haven’t chatted with in awhile. 

Jan 24th- make a list of books you’d like to read for 2020. Make a pretty checklist and check them off as you go!

Jan 25th- conquer your pantry - I have a whole post on that HERE

Jan 26th - catch up on anything you missed week 4

Jan 27th- assess your planner situation. Are you using one? Other options: Wall Calendar/Notepads/bullet journals/plain paper for to do lists.   Find something that works for you. 

Jan 28th- go through your pants/jeans
Donate and/or sell whatever isn’t working for you anymore. Try everything on. Be realistic. Remember that someone else might be thrilled to have that pair! 

Jan 29th- try another new meal from the cookbook - If you love it- write it on your favorites rotation :)

Jan 30- Make any doctors, dentist, vision appointments you need and/or make any calls you’ve put off.

Jan 31st - catch up on anything you missed during week 5 (or anytime this month!) Write down goals for February!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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