Monday, December 9, 2019

The Search for Perfect High Waisted Leggings

I recently started working out again. I needed new workout clothes pretty badly as my body has changed a lot after 2 (large) babies. I've found that high waisted leggings is 100 percent the way to go for me. I feel so much more confident with a compression legging that keeps everything in and covered.

I tried two different pairs from Amazon, a brand called Jed North that was recommended to me by a gal at my gym, and a brand called Popfit, that had an Ad on Facebook to try a free pair if you just paid shipping ($15).

My criteria includes things like price, opacity, the amount they need to be pulled up, and how they make your body look... Results are below, along with some awkward gym pics, you're welcome!

Pair #1 Jed North

The grey and black camo (pretty subtle and also the gym lighting isn't the best)
The pink camo

Price: About $30
Style: Comes in a variety of designs and prints. I purchased two pairs of the camo design, but I got them cheaper on their website: during Black Friday.
Quality: I like the thick stretchy fabric, and the lack of a seam through the crotch was the best part. Without that, there is absolutely no camel toe, thank goodness. If you don't know what that is... you don't want to know. haha
Performance: I thought they stayed up well during my workout. I didn't find myself needing to constantly pull them up. I also didn't find them to be see through with a nude pair of underwear, but after reading the reviews I checked with printed underwear, and they could be seen. I actually didn't know they were on Amazon when I bought them. I'm glad I bought them on sale, or I would have been annoyed to find out they were cheaper on Amazon! I got the black and grey pair for $30 shipped and the pink pair second for $25 shipped.
Sizing: I bought the M/L, which is their largest size. If you are bigger than a 12, you may want to skip these.

Pros: Soft, comfortable, stretchy, they smooth out problem areas and have a crotch panel to prevent camel toe.
Cons: Can be see through- you have to wear nude colored underwear. Price is a bit higher than some.

Overall I like them a lot for working out hence why I bought a second pair.

Pair #2 Baleaf

PS This gray and metallic rose gold flecked tank is my new favorite at $15. Find it in 3 colors HERE.

Price: $21
Style: They have many colors but I bought plain black. They have an inside pocket on your belly. Your phone does stay in it just fine. (I don't have an iphone plus though)
Quality: I loved the thick, stretchy material,  high rise fit, and comfort waistband and the fact that it wasn't shiny. I feel you could pop this on with a cute sweater and run errands.
Performance: I did have to occasionally pull these up while working out. However, I think that was my fault as I purchased XL and I probably am a size Large. So I can't speak fully to that. Oops.
Size: Seem to have a lot of sizes, currently up to 3x is in stock.

Verdict: I'm really bummed I bought the wrong size, so I can't say with full certainty... but I think these were my overall favorites for their comfort, versatility, and price.

Pair #3 Pop Fit Leggings

Price: I got them free with $15 shipping.  They showed up as an add on Facebook for me. I''m guessing if you click the link it would show up in your newsfeed also. Typically they cost anywhere from 30-50
Style: I bought a leopard print pair, but they had many options. They have a pocket for your phone which is awesome.
Quality: The leggings themselves were good, but the waistband was not my favorite. Instead of being a thick stretchy comfort band, there was a small piece of elastic at the top.
Performance: Despite not caring for the waistband, they stayed up great during a workout. I am pretty happy for what I paid, but not necessarily ready to buy more.
Fit: I bought large. Their sizing is super inclusive, as you'll see on their site- up to like 3X if you're bigger. And they have all sizes model them!!

Verdict- If you see the opportunity, I'd recommend getting the $15 pair to see what you think, but I wouldn't pay their full price. I do love the leopard print a LOT.

Pair #4 Colorful Koala on Amazon

Price: $25
Style: I bought black.  They have an outside leg/hip pocket for your phone which I liked.
Quality: The fabric seems pretty thick and stretchy, and the waistband was pretty large and comfortable. I didn't like all the seams on these though.
Performance: Occasionally had to be pulled up when I bent over working out, but in this case I was wondering if maybe I should have sized up to the XL.... The phone pocket worked great. I found them to be opaque.
Size: Bought in size large, but think I maybe should have sized up. These go up to XL.
Verdict: Not a bad legging, but I wouldn't buy these over the Baleaf pair.

This is a hard thing to determine because to be honest I liked them all for different things, but I think Baleaf is probably the overall winner. I will definitely wear those for more than the gym.
And If you can overlook the no printed underwear thing, I'd say for strictly working out Jed North is the best, and I did already buy another color in them so obviously I like them.

xoxo, Love.Haight

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