Tuesday, December 17, 2019

My Black Friday Purchases Reviewed

I wanted to share my Black Friday purchases with you all! I love seeing what people buy because I'm nosy and love a good haul- and review !! Enjoy. 

These bodysuits turned out to be a great purchase! I bought white and black with the intention of returning one..... I don't think thats gonna happen. I wore the white one already and am planning on bringing the black one to Vegas. :D
Check em out HERE

(The MK bag I bought secondhand on Ebay...but here's a similar option )

This velvet puffer jacket... I'm in love!! Never felt anything plusher, softer or more amazing. Granted it looks way better on that thin blogger than me, but oh well. Sometimes you buy something because it looks amazing, and sometimes you keep it because it feels so comfy and amazing! :)
It was half off, so $80- not cheap exactly, but also not out of reach.
Check out this jacket HERE.

These super high waisted jeans/jeggings are SUPER stretchy and comfy. Not bad for $39. And today (Monday) they are an extra 15% off! They are a good high-waisted option if you're looking. 
Check em out HERE.

I bought a second pair of Jed North leggings. Check out my full review on these, and three other brands, on my blog HERE.

I am pretty excited about these hoops! I kind of wish I had bought the next size up and gone super blingy, but I still really like these! They sparkle a lot! I bought the rose gold and unicorn stone ones. Maybe I'll get the bigger size at her next sale! heehee
Bling, bling and bougie!

Over the knee Boots - such a great pair and amazing price!!
Dress is Loft and they have $39 dresses today! This brand truly has become a favorite-
 I get so many compliments.

xoxo, Love.Haight

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