Monday, November 11, 2019

The Guy Guide

Shopping for a boyfriend, brother or husband? Look no further! I have it broken down into categories of hobbies. I find that it's a pretty safe bet when you get them something related to their favorite thing to do. I've tried to find things that are a bit off the beaten track. You won't find video games or TVs here. :) I have rounded up strictly from Amazon because of the great pricing and fast shipping. Plus, if you have a Discover Card, they have 5% cash back on Amazon through December. Score.


I love the idea of a book with fun travel ideas across the US and the state parks!

A nice toiletries bag is a must for any guy that spends a lot of time away from home. Also, Etsy has great ones you can get personalized!


My husband has this brand of headset and likes them!

If their mancave does not have a glass front mini fridge, your search is over. Get one now and make your guy the happiest ever.

The Project Guy

How cool is this little magnetic wrist thingamajig that holds the nails and screws and all that while working on a project?

Here's a book with 150 weekend woodworking projects- fun!

A knife making kit "man crate!"

Food & Drink Lover

A hot sauce making kit? Sounds like a bunch of fun!

A "man crate" for the grilling master in your house. It even comes with a crowbar to open it!

For your wanna be bartender!


There are a lot of color options for these Nike slides... the black and gold was my favorite though :)

Here's a cool way to track progress in the gym (and to show you support his efforts, heehee)


These North Face pullovers are great for anyone who likes to be outside!

Who wouldn't want a portable hammock?

"The Gentleman"

I love this organized station for a bedside table!

From what I've heard, this author writes a lot of thought provoking books!

I hope this list gave you some ideas that are outside the box! Have fun shopping. :)
xoxo, Love.Haight

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