Saturday, November 16, 2019

Black Friday Thoughts: The Allure of the Department Store + Gift Ideas

Hi friends! 
So, coolest news ever! This post is sponsored content! That's the dream right? (And as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.)

When it comes to Black Friday, people may swarm to someplace like Walmart for a deal on a flat screen TVs, but c'mon not everyone's dream gift is a 70 inch! (Or however big they are these days!) For some of us, the department stores are where it's at, with their beautiful jewelry, plush home goods like bedding and towels, athletic gear, cute boots... okay you get the idea. They have great deals for Black Friday too. Just plan ahead and use a site like Slickdeals ahead of time. It's always smart to have a plan on a chaotic shopping day like Black Friday! 

I love department stores because there really is something for everyone! I love to just walk around because it’s all displayed so nicely and you can get inspiration and gift ideas by just walking around. You really can check a lot of people off your list. I also like how helpful salespeople are at department stores! The shopping experience is a little more personalized than the Target/Walmart shopping trip.

JC Penny is a personal favorite of mine because their first store was opened right here in Wyoming! I recently bought a feather bedspread from them, and I swear it changed my nights! I love it so much.

But another favorite is Macy’s. My favorite set of sheets is from there. I hope they go on sale for Black Friday so I can grab another set! And now that I think about it, a great pair of sheets would be such a thoughtful and posh gift to give to someone you’re close with and love a lot! (Think a sister or mom!) They have some amazing sales every year. Sometimes they even things that are FREE with a mail in rebate. A whole list of this year's freebies can be found HERE. (I highly recommend doing it! I know we can tend to get lazy and not want to fill out the rebate, but it is SO worth it. Just imagine how nice it would be to have a free thing or two to wrap and put under the tree!)
Macy’s sells so many great brands. The selection is wonderful for athletic wear and casual wear. I have purchased everything from Nike work out gear to Michael Kors bags, to Charter Club sheets there! They often have great coupon codes for online and I know they'll have great coupons on Black Friday! 

General gift ideas for just about everyone!

-Peruse the home department for pretty dishes, soft towels, and plush bedding. These are great gift ideas for close family where you know they would appreciate something of high quality!
-Check out the jewelry section and grab a pretty bracelet or necklace for a stylish friend who always has on some beautiful accessory or other. (I also read on Slickdeals that Macy's will have a free pair of pearl earrings after rebate!!)
-The handbag selection is truly wonderful. Ladies drop a hint to your man if you need a new one!
-For your guy, head to the colognes and pick him out a new scent, or wander the clothing and find him some comfortable sweat pants or a dapper new shirt or tie. Or check out the shoe department for a pair of Adidas slides or pair of shoes for work.
-Check the kid’s section for cute outfits and toys for littles.
-The cosmetics area is perfect place to look for stocking stuffers!
-Last but not least, the clothing area carries so many great brands! Shopping for clothing for others can be hard, but a luxe pair of pajamas is such a lovely gift because hardly anyone splurges on amazing PJs for themselves and fit and style isn’t quite as big a deal- it’s all about fabrics and comfort!

Thanks for virtually wandering the department stores with me! Hopefully you’ll have a chance to browse a department store like Macy’s on Black Friday and snag some bargains!

xoxo, Love.Haight

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