Saturday, May 11, 2019

Michael Kors Backback Bag on a Budget

I love a good deal- so I figured I would share one with you today!! 

Michael Kors has a 25% off sale going with code MOM. This gorgeous blush backpack (which comes in a couple other colors) is already on sale, and so the extra percentage off drops it down to 150!
 BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! (Do I sound like a used car sales person yet? :D)
Rakuten has a 15% cashback for Michael Kors right now! That means you'll get almost another $20 right back in your pocket on this particular bag! (Or more if you buy a more expensive bag!) I've been using this service for years (formerly Ebates) and get checks every quarter on my online shopping. It is legitimate. Sign up for Rakuten here. You'll get an extra $10 on this purchase if you sign up with my referral and I'll love you forever.

If you've been looking for a new bag, today is the day!
And if you like my Leopard silk scarf find it below too ;)

xoxo, Love.Haight

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