Thursday, December 6, 2018

Motherhood + QALO

QALO solves mommy problems I didn't even know I would have.
Let's discuss.

1. Being Ringless
Look, I knew that people often can't wear their wedding ring in their last couple weeks of pregnancy. But I stopped being able to wear my ring in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Yep, after the FIRST trimester it was donezo and sat in my jewelry tray for months. So then I thought- well once I lose the baby weight it will fit. NOPE. Not even close. 10 months after baby and I STILL couldn't shove the thing on my finger. Having a silicon ring from QALO solves that dilemma. Because it is a soft, malleable ring, you will never go without your ring for 1.5 years like I did. I finally had to admit defeat and size my ring up, acknowledging that my fingers simply grew in pregnancy. But in the meantime, it was great to have an alternative.

2. Goobies and Gloobies
Yeah I made those words up. But honestly, sometimes there is no name to what you're dealing with as a mother. And I'm not even talking about diapers... As you shove your hand into the depths of a carseat or a highchair, theres literally no telling what you'll find. I love that QALO rings are totally cleanable/washable/no worries-able.

3. Necklaces are a No-No
Necklaces are a thing of the past... well unless you don't mind it if gets broken, chewed on, or is used to strangle you as your child clutches it. QALO's teething necklaces are the perfect thing to throw on for baby to gum on. There is no metal or things for baby to break or choke on. Best of all they have adorable designs and colors. I love this marble one!

4. Just Like You Mom
Baby wants to do whatever you do! If you have a necklace, baby wants a necklace! Having one that they can "wear" as you sit together is awesome.

Thank you to QALO for sending this along for me to wear and review! Thanks for making motherhood just a little bit easier.
(As always- all opinions are mine!)
xoxo, Love.Haight

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