Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Peek Inside My Bullet Journal + What I Track

Last week (in the post HERE) I showed you the supplies I bought to start my bullet journaling journey. Today I'm giving you an inside look at my bullet journal (literally, heehee).
I track a lot of personal stuff in here, so it's kind of a big deal... but really I'm such a nosy human I would LOVE to see this if someone else posted it. So there you have it.
Beyond just for curious cats like myself, I'd love to show you how beginners start, and give you the inspiration and confidence you need to jump into your own bullet journaling.


Just know that this isn't professional. I'm a terrible artist, my lines aren't straight, I make mistakes and don't have the best handwriting. But that connects to my biggest tip... Don't worry about perfection! Unless you're a crazy overshare-er like me, no one is ever going to see it. So give it a whirl, and make bullet journaling work for you! That's the beauty of it- it can be whatever you want it to be. I do have planner type pages, but what I am showing you today is all the random spreads of things I want to keep track of!!

1. Table of Contents

Exactly what it sounds like- a place to organize your spreads and be able to find them easily!

2. Goals

I loved this look of the large word goals and then a scripted smaller version. What do you guys think about it? I was so excited about it and my mother in law told me it looked "busy" ... hahah! To each their own. I'm uber private about my goals so I didn't fill any of this in yet. ;)

3. Books

Pretty self explanatory! This is a "to read" page and an "already read" page. The bookshelf I've seen done as a way to hit a goal for a year, say 50 books in 2018, so you draw 50 books and then fill them in as you work towards your goal. I love reading, so I don't ever see a need for a goal to motivate me. (PS IF YOU HAVE BOOK RECCOMENDATIONS...GIMME)

4. Weight Loss

When I said personal, I meant personal! I could've blurred the numbers, but really who cares. I love what JK Rowling once said. "Is 'fat' really the worst thing a human being can be? Is 'fat' worse than 'vindictive', 'jealous', 'shallow', 'vain', 'boring' or 'cruel'? Not to me.”

5. Baby Names

Next to my weight loss page is the reason I'm fat: Babies! (Yay for babies) My sister and I are obsessed with names. It is so fun dreaming of future kiddos while we enjoy our first. My husband doesn't love the name game nearly as much as me! lol


Quotes that really truly inspire me go here. I love how I did the pieces of tape sticking them up. Although I meant to have a lot of them off kilter and only one is... 
Like I said, this thing is not perfect. :)

7. Crafts I want to do

I love crafting, so I have a spot to write down which ones I would like to accomplish! A quiet book is high on my list for Vivian at church when she's a bit older!

8. Wish List

Next up is my wishlist. I am what you might call a "shopaholic" and as my disposable income will go away once I'm done teaching, I need to manage my money better. I will write down things I'd like to buy, and thing about them/wait on them, and then decide if I should purchase. 

9. Meal Ideas

My meal ideas pages are next up! I like cooking but my husband and I are forever asking each other "what should we eat?"  I hope to solve some of that by listing lots of our favorites to give me inspiration!!

10. Bucket List

This "someday" page is a bucket list. I have two items on here right now just to give you an idea of what this page will eventually look like. :)

11. Cleaning

I'm very excited about this page. I haven't filled it in yet, but once I'm home with Vivian, I want to have a schedule to stick to as to when I do vacuuming, laundry dusting, and bathrooms. Some chores are daily (hello kitchen, looking at you) but I tend to let other things fall through the cracks. I'm a very structured person, so I think I just need a good routine! 

Well, there you have it! I have monthly and weekly and daily spreads to help me keep track of the usual life things, but I think I'll save that for another day. If you liked this post and want help starting your own bullet journal, check out this post on supplies you'll need to begin.

xoxo, Love.Haight


  1. Ohemgeeeeeeee I love it.
    I am totally stealing the bookshelf tracker idea.
    I will have SO many pages like you - cleaning, wishlist, craft, bucket list...
    Your two toned cleaning script is lovely! You are doing great!

  2. I can't wait to see your monthly, weekly and daily spreadsheets!. This is great and really inspirational for a list person such as myself!


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