Saturday, October 21, 2017

Blogtober- Saturday Six

Here we go- six completely random bits of information that may or may not be quite useful to you!

1. Delicious Food Combos

- Roast with sour cream and seasoning salt: 
I love a good roast. The tender meat, the cooked carrots, and the potatoes come together to make the most delicious meal. When we were kids, my siblings and I would mix it all together and add "special salt" (aka seasoning salt) and call it special salad. Oh the memories! These days I add sour cream and it is just too good!

- Vanilla ice cream with rice krispies cereal:
I wish I could explain the science behind why this tastes SO DARN GOOD but I just can't. I think we need to just all admit that there is some magic that occurs here.

-Spaghetti with cottage cheese:
Everyone acts so grossed out by this, but it truly is a delicious combo. The cottage cheese adds a creamy factor to the otherwise hard nosed dish. (English teachers describe things funny. I'm sorry about that.)

2. Ways I'm Adding Steps Every Day

I'm supposed to be walking more for my health while carrying baby. I'm kind of tired so some days it's tough. But here are a few things I'm doing to try to make it happen!
-Walking the mall
-Taking my dog for walks
-Going downtown and checking out the shops
-Playing Pokemon Go while walking (I'm a dork- don't care)
-Walking at work more

3. Target is on My Good List

Did you know that you get a 10% off coupon for Target on your "Red-card-aversary?" Me either. But mine just came into my email inbox. Beyond that, I just got a 50 dollar gift card for buying baby stuff I needed, with my 5% off redcard reduction, with another 1% cash back on Ebates Coupons and Cash Back  (My favorite website EVER) 
Thanks Target!

4. Why Do We Buy So Much New?

I spent the weekend scouring the amazing 10 for $10 sale at Once Upon a Child this weekend. I have gender neutral clothing, sleepers, and outfits galore now, and I barely spent anything. In fact I probably got around 60 things for less than I paid to get 20 new things on Carters. Of course we all love brand new things, but considering baby will only be wearing these clothes anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks, it seems silly to shell out so much for it all.

5. TV Shows Lately

I decided to break down and get Hulu again when they offered me a 5 dollar monthly subscription for a year. I've just started to watch "This is Us" and I am really enjoying it. I can also get my weekly fix of Grey's without having to watch a specific night at home. I have to say though- we just finished Lost on Netflix, and WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. That show had so many loose ends running around that apparently didn't need to be tied up. Bleh.

6. Stuck on Gift Ideas?

If you're ever stuck for gift ideas, come up with some sort of theme or concept and buy little things to fit it. A few years ago, my sister did a "25 reasons I love you" and came up with lots of little usuable gifts for her hubby on his 25th birthday. I created a "wife survival kit" for a friend for her bridal shower, and other "kits" could be very useful for having a baby or going to college. The gifts don't have to be elaborate or expensive. This has actually always saved me money, while being extra fun for the gift opener. 

Hope you enjoyed today's random musings! 

xoxo, Love.Haight

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  1. You should check Australianessay, cause they always post surprising food combinations, that will blow your mind!


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