Monday, January 2, 2017

Favorite Puchases 2016

1. These Rose Gold Raybans - Post on that HERE
 2. My favorite jewelry purchase was this gorgeous multi-strand necklace. Worth every penny! Get one HERE
 3. A custom Wedding Sign from HERE
4. I now have two pairs of these Nikes- these turquoise ombre and a plain black pair. Incredibly comfortable, I highly recommend! Check them out HERE
5. This Tory Burch backpack was my best bag purchase this year by FAR. HERE is a similar version with tassels

6. Lularoe is now my go to for teaching clothes. I have 2 Irma tops, 1 Cassie skirt, an Amelia dress, and one other type of dress (can't remember the name) I am absolutely impressed by the comfort level.

7. These boots might be my #1 favorite purchase. I get compliments from so many people when I wear them. They're on sale, but in very few sizes HERE
 8. The PERFECT black dress for hiding a little extra weight - HERE
9. These booties are adorable and go with everything! (now on sale !!) HERE
10. A neutral cardigan - I wore this with everything!

What were your best purchases? I'd love to know in the comments if you feel like sharing!
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