Sunday, January 1, 2017

Books I bought and read in 2016

I read a lot, but truthfully, I don't buy a lot of books. I am a library lover because, hey, it's free!  However, I do find myself purchasing books on occasion. I was finishing my master's degree this year, so I did a lot less reading than usual, but I would like to point out that most of the books I read have been returned to the library. ;) Anyway, here's a recap of my purchased books this year!

1. Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty
This author is a new favorite for me. She likes to keep you guessing all the way up until the end. In this novel, someone has been murdered: who is it, and why? If you've ever wondered why people stay in abusive relationships, you might be interested in this story for one perspective on why.

2. What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty
This book had one of my favorite plot points- a person who has lost their memory, and isn't quite sure how they ended up where they are. This is probably my least favorite book by this author so far, but it wasn't bad!

3. Truly, Madly, Guilty - Liane Moriarty (not pictured)
3 families are all tied together by THAT NIGHT, and are all scarred in different ways. What happened? Well you have to read 3/4 though the book to get the main idea, and then all the way through to have all the missing pieces put together. This one is definitely a page turner, because you simply have to know what the heck is going on.

4. Me Before You - JoJo Moyes
I talked about this book in a blog post back in the spring HERE

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay : JK Rowling
I LOVED this movie, so I picked up the screenplay as well. It is written well, but I would suggest the movie first. :)

6. The Woman in Cabin 10- Ruth Ware
This book seemed to be along the lines of Girl on the Train, so I decided to buy it for our Vegas trip. It wasn't bad, and definitely had some intrigue, but wasn't my favorite book of all time. I would say it's worth a read, but I wouldn't repurchase if I had a do-over.

7. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
As an avid HP reader, I couldn't not read the book. I mean I had to know what else was out there you know? This screenplay follows Harry's son. It moves quickly and spans many years. I'm glad to have it in my collection, but I doubt I would read it as many times as the originals.

8. The Good Girl- Mary Kubica (not pictured)
This story revolves around a young woman who is kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin in Minnesota. Definitely worth a read, but again, I wouldn't purchase it if I could just get it from the library.

Thanks for reading! Would love some book recommendations for 2017 in the comments if you have any!

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