Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 Must Haves for Teachers this Year

Fellow teachers, the school year is nearly upon us. But don't worry- I've got 5 must haves for you that will make your days much smoother, better, and prettier.

1. Lip Color that Lasts All Day

Lipstick c/o Lindsay 
I never thought I could wear lipstick to work. I don't even have time to use the restroom when nature calls, so why would I have time to check on/reapply makeup? Then I was introduced to LipSense, that is like a lipstick in lipgloss form, that really is truly a lipstain. It lasts through eating, drinking, kissing, whatever! It truly is long-lasting!
Crazy eyebrow game strong!
I am wearing Lexie-Berry, because I wanted a fall color, but the options are endless! I am seriously impressed by this product. I want to try Beige Champaign and Bravo next.

Check out the color selection HERE and then join Lindsay's FB group to see swatches order your favorites and product tips and tricks.  You can also order directly at her email:
Such cute packaging with inspiring messages!
If you order from Lindsay she's got some fun deals going! All orders through Sunday August 14th over 55 dollars will get a free oops remover. Plus any order qualifies you to be entered into a giveaway. Just mention you saw this on Love.Haight. What is the prize? Why it's the item all teachers need # 2 !

2. Cute Paper Products

Purchase Lipsense Lipstick from Lindsay at and be entered to win this cute prize pack!

Us teachers are like elementary schoolers when it comes to paper supplies. Having the cutest notepads, sticky notes, pens, and pencils makes us happy. Sometimes it's the little things people!

3. Cute Coffee Mugs

Admit it, 99 percent of us need coffee to start our day. Often my good mood is courtesy of my morning coffee. Drinking it out of a cute mug makes it that much better. I love this Ban.Do one. 

4. A Personalized and Detailed Planner

Teachers have busy schedules. Between planning, teaching, grading, extra curricular and coaching responsibilities, it is incredibly important to have good organizational skills. Plum Paper is my absolute favorite planner brand. Why? Because you get to personalize each category of your day. I had a more detailed post on my planner last year HERE.

5. A Good Attitude

This was my focus last year, and it made such a difference in how my year went. When I finally realized I could control my feelings about work, I began making a difference in my own career. More on that in THIS post. This cute tee is not only fun and soft, but has a great message as well. Never hurts to remind yourself to "Choose Happiness!" Grab one for yourself HERE.
shirt c/o Wearable Therapy

Okay, let me know... what are your must haves for the new school year?
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  1. These are some great recommendations! Love the tee and the coffee mug

  2. I have the same planner!! I love it so much. :-)


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