Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Sale- Help Me Decide What to Buy!

So the early access to the Nordstrom Sale begins today for cardholders, and it is blowing up the fashion blogger universe. However, they always link to stuff YOU should buy, and try to make you spend YOUR money and never seem to focus on what they actually like. So I was thinking it might be more fun for me to show you what I am loving and thinking about buying. If you love it too- vote yes!

Before we start: Guys I want THIS so bad... is that totally pathetic? My husband was like that's cool. And then I was like its 50 dollars, and he goes, "It's not that cool!" hahahah!!

I actually need a new pair of gym shoes... Mint green is my love and I found these (not on sale, but still - ah love!) UPDATE- I just tried these on and I'm in LOVE

Should I buy?

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Maybe- unless you find other things you like better
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This dress? (Love the print, but I would for sure need leggings under it!)

Should I buy?

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Maybe - Only if you don't find things you like better
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What do y'all think of the color "Green Ponderosa" in this top?

Should I buy?

Heck yes!
Maybe- only if you don't find things you like better
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This jacket is on sale for 100 dollars... kinda pricey, but I think it might go with a lot of outfits...

Better photos HERE

Should I get the Jacket?

Maybe - If there isn't something better
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Something I actually really need are boots. Black boots are my jam all winter long, and I recently got rid of my old pair. I'm sort of thinking about getting an over the knee pair... So
This Pair
This Pair
This Pair


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Option 3
Umm.. Sorry but no!
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P.S. This gorgeous Guess coat I bought last year is also in the sale again!

That's it for now! (I'm going a little crazy shopping!) Thanks for playing along, can't wait to see the results!!

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