Thursday, July 21, 2016

10 Times You Said No to Free Money

1. When you didn't download Ebates

Ebates is the coolest thing I've been introduced to lately that gives you your hard earned money back! Thanks Emily! This site gives cashback at places you're already shopping! My top picks are Nordstrom, Sephora, Nike, ASOS, etc. There are also big retailers like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart. It doesn't ask for your credit card number, nor make you pay a different way then you were planning on. What are you waiting for?! Sign up today and start getting money back on your purchases. (They pay out quarterly) Tip: Download the Chrome extension, so then it pops up on every eligible site asking you to activate your cash back. 

2. When you said “no” to the movie theater rewards card

I’ve heard so many people say no to this amazing rewards program. One time I tried to pipe up and tell someone they should get it. It didn’t work, so I’m putting it on the Internet instead. Our movie theater does a free movie ticket for every 10 tickets bought + concession money so often it makes my head spin. Check around at your local theaters to see what programs you could use to save money going to the movies! Tip: buy your friends’ movie tickets when you go out and have them pack you back. You’ll earn rewards faster!

3. When you failed to check promo code sites before you purchased online

When you are purchasing online, it is always worth it to check the web for promo codes. From percentages off to free shipping, you could be leaving free money out on the table if you don’t take the extra 10 minutes to check. Try or to find codes for your favorite websites and save some money! Tip: Bookmark the site to help remind yourself to use it!

4. When you didn’t submit your Walmart receipt to savings catcher

Walmart is a heavyweight in the shopping lives of Americans. If you ever get groceries at Walmart, submit your receipt on the Walmart app to the savings catcher. They will find any other better deals nearby, and then pay you back the difference on a gift card. It is definitely worth submitting it, especially since it takes less than a minute to scan the receipt. The app is free, so you have absolutely no excuse for not getting it!

5. When you threw your stuff away instead of selling it on eBay

While it is much easier and more convenient to just throw things away or donate them, clothes, electronics, accessories all sell online. We get rid of things all the time that could be sold for cash money! eBay has so many users that with a little trial and error (or research) you can perfect your selling techniques and make some good money! eBay does take a small percentage of your earnings, but it is still 100 percent more money than you would have if you threw out your old stuff. Tip: Take amazing photos (and lots of them!) to see your product. If something doesn’t sell right away bring the price down a touch.

6. When you didn’t download the Ibotta or Checkout 51 app

These apps are the perfect way to save money on grocery items that you will be purchasing anyway. It does take a couple minutes to get your lists together before shopping and to verify your receipts I still think it is worthwhile. I quickly got up to 50 dollars on Ibotta for a giftcard. It’s a nice way to buy the things I want, from buying things that I actually need. Recently I also began using Just for U from Albertson's and it is amazing!! You simply add the deals you like (such as 5 dollars off your purchase) and it automatically puts the coupons on your order when you enter your phone at checkout. Tip: Don’t buy something just because it has a rebate for it. That is what we call spending money and not getting money.

7. When you threw away your fast food receipt

Chick-Fil-A often gives you a survey to fill out for a free sandwich, and so many people don’t take the 3 minutes to fill it out for the coupon code. Wendy’s, McDonalds, and other fast food restaurants also have similar surveys for money off coupons or buy one get one coupons. It might take a couple minutes, but the money saving is definitely worth it. It might only be 2 dollars off, but when you throw that receipt out, you just said no to free money.

8. When you didn’t use your credit card cash-back programs

Credit cards can be a little bit tricky if you don’t know how to use them properly. They get a lot of people into financial trouble. However, if you are using them smartly, you can definitely make a good chunk of change doing it. (Here is a more in-depth post I wrote on this) Many credit cards have quarterly cash back programs for 5 percent cash back on groceries, gasoline, online shopping, etc. Then they also have programs with online retailers to offer usually 5-20 percent cash back on online purchases. (Discover Card is amazing for this.) I know some others like to use their points for airline tickets too. No matter what you use your points for, you can definitely make money using a credit card over cash. Tip: Using your points on gift cards usually increases the amount you get back. For instance, on Discover card, I can get 100 dollar gift cards for 80 dollars of my cash back bonus!

9. When you didn’t download the Shopkick app

Shopkick gives you points called “kicks” for walking into stores that can later be converted into gift cards. This is literally free money for doing something you were going to do anyway- like walking into Walmart, Target, grocery stores, etc. This is a simple way to earn money that takes almost no effort at all – just remembering to open the app! Tip: The walk in kicks are huge on Black Friday. Each year we earn around 2,000 kicks that weekend (nearly enough for a 10 dollar gift card)

10. When you didn’t become a resturant VIP

Restaruants want to reward you for coming in. There are two things you need to do. 
1. Sign up for their emails. 
With emails boasting free appetizers, percentages off, and the like, signing up for your favorite restaurant’s email list is a no brainer. (Just look around their website for sign ups) While I agree that all of our inboxes seem to fill up really fast, these money-saving emails will be worth the space. 
2. Sign up for the restaurant’s reward program
I get it: filling out forms is a pain. However, when you are talking about discounts and free birthday meals, you are essentially saying no to free money! Many restaurants let you have your free meal any time during your birth month, so you can spread these out and eat out for free each week of your birthday month or more (depending on how many you sign up for!) This one is definitely worth it if you like eating out. Tip: Keep a pouch of the rewards cards in your car or purse to keep track of them more easily!

Wow that was a long post- I hope you found this list helpful! If you liked it, please pin the image below on Pinterest for future reference. I would so appreciate it!


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  1. I've never heard of the savings catcher app - thanks for the tip!

  2. A lot of these are great! Some of them take more time than I have and my time is valuable too, but if I can easily save a few bucks (like with the movie theater rewards) I will!

    1. I agree that time is valuable, but even my job doesn't pay 2 dollars for 2 minutes, so I don't mind filling out surveys. Sometimes you put a little time in at the beginning to rack up lots of savings over time. :) Hope you have an amazing day!

  3. Sometimes saving a couple cents or a dollar or two isn't worth it when it takes a couple minutes to do...but a lot of these are GREAT. like movies!!!

    1. I think it just depends on your level of frugality and personal situation. For some people those 2 dollars off at Wendy's is what enables them to go. :) Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. I've done literally nothing on here! Probably I'll start with those reward programs! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. All of these are a yes! I love saving money and anything I can do to save, I am all for it. I just recently downloaded Ibotta, so I need to get to using it!

  6. These are great! I love using the Walmart Saving Catcher. I need to try out some of your other options!

  7. check now


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