Friday, July 22, 2016

Love/Haight relationship with blogging + Friday Finale

This week had some ups and downs when it comes to blogging. I don't know about everyone else, but I have a love/haight (heehee- I had to use the play on words) with this hobby. I don't have a lot of posts up this week, because I was dealing with some things that fall into the hate column.

Blogging dislikes:

1. Working so hard for something, just to have setbacks beyond your control.
This happened to me this week, when Pinterest blacklisted my blog. That means they blocked my entire website as "spam" and I could no longer pin from it, nor could anyone click my links without a warning that this pin leads to spam. It was infuriating, especially since I've promoted a few pins in the past, so I essentially had paid for things that tarnished my blog's reputation as, well, NOT spam. They don't have the best customer service, but eventually they did take my blog off the black list.

2. Blogger comparison
It is super hard to watch people who started this gig at the same time as you just take off and become super successful, while you struggle slowly for every follower and blog view. It seems like you're either doing the exact same thing as them, without the same results.

3. Spending all your time on it
I really do enjoy blogging, but sometimes I'm like, "oh my gosh I'm wasting my entire summer break off from teaching on the internet, struggling to gain traction for this little baby!" But I know I would miss it if I stopped, and I just try and force myself to go on walks, and see friends, etc to keep it from taking over my life!

On the other hand, just this week I...

1. Got contacted for a collaboration from a company I've actually heard of before
2. Received my first Influenster box of makeup goodies from Hourglass because of my social media reach, (not because I interact on the site, because unfortunately, ain't nobody got time for that)
3. Interacted with people all over the world in a supportive community of fashion-loving people on Instagram
4. Got to barter services with a friend for a blog feature in exchange for an awesome sign

So, all in all, blogging can be really fun and rewarding, as long as you don't let your emotions (like envy or defeat) get the better of you.

Friday Finale

With just a grand total of 2 blog posts this week, this won't take long!

1. #ootd : Leopard and Orange- a fun and unexpected combination

I hope to have a lot more posts up next week! 

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  1. TOTALLY with you there, girl. I think blogging has this reputation of being glamorous, easy, and "not a real job." If only people knew the struggles and huge amounts of time that go into one post I think they'd be absolutely shocked. I've been struggling this summer because on one hand I want to enjoy my summer, but on the other hand, I also want to put out content. I'm hoping in the fall when I go back to working at school (yay for teachers!) I can find a better balance. Totally relate to this post! xo

    1. Oh man, I'm so glad you have experienced it too! Thanks so much for leaving this uplifting comment! PS. yes- yay for teachers!

  2. Oh yes about the love/hate relationship with blogging! I love it but I'm self employed and have limited blogging time. Sometimes I just need to take a break for a bit to recharge my battery.

    Yikes about Pinterest! I'm so glad they worked with you so you can pin from your blog again.

    - Trish R.

    1. Oh me too girl! I was STRESSED. Thank you sooo much for stopping by!

  3. The thing with Pinterest seems so annoying! Glad it got resolved! You got this though! You're doing great (:

    1. You're so sweet for saying that. Thanks so much!

  4. Yes, girl, I feel you! I had to skip a blog post this week because I just couldn't put that much time into it and I felt stuck! It's like those Fridays that you give your students a free day because you just can't deal with teaching them. ;) Congrats on all your successes! You're doing awesome!

    1. Oh my gosh Abbey, yes!! Free time Friday because the teach is exhausted. hahah! Love it. Thanks for this sweet comment. Happy Friday

  5. I HEAR YOU GIRL! I experience the same struggles, and know exactly how you feel. Especially #3. I often become discouraged seeing other bloggers reaching overnight success, and am sitting here asking my husband what I need to do in order to gain more followers, appeal to more people, take my blog to the next level. Even more discouraging is when I attend an event or try something new or outside of my comfort zone in hope that it will help grow my blog, to find that it doesn't. It's a tough balance for sure, allocating your time away from work to be spent on the countless things you have going on in your life, but it all makes it worth it, at least to me, when you have that one follower who messages you thanking you for showing them how to style something, where to shop for a certain item, and so on.


  6. Oh no!!!!!! I'm so sorry you were considered spam by pinterest! That must have been the worst!!! I'm so glad it's worked out now! <3

  7. Well, congratulations on your accomplishments despite your setbacks. I know it isn't easy all the time, but you have done so well and you no doubt inspire others. Keep it up!

  8. Love when I get contacted by brands makes me happy.


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