Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When Your Clothing Confidence is Down

We've all had that day... you just know you have nothing to wear. You try on a bunch of outfits and nothing feels right. That was me on Sunday. Mostly, it's because I'm not totally happy with my weight/body right now, and most of my clothes don't fit right. When this happens I have a few "go-to" strategies for when I feel like this.
1. Black on black on black.

It's my go-to color for obvious reasons. Black is slimming of course, but monochromatic looks have a slight "high-fashion" edge that gives me some confidence.

2. A statement cardigan or jacket
The print of this cardigan is fun, and I like the oversize look. While many might think its counter productive to wear a large cardigan when you're feeling a little overweight, the coziness is comforting to me. :)
3. Play up the accessories- they always fit!
Adding the Leopard flats adds a pop of fun, and the tassel earrings are a bit of a statement that draw the eye toward my face and not my plain outfit. :)

This is just something that works for me. I'm a teacher, so at the end of the day- I believe we are all beautiful human beings! But sometimes it's hard to not let the doubts creep in. I hope you're having a great week, and rocking all the looks you want. ;)


  1. So completely agree with this! I tend to go with my high-waisted stretchy jeans and definitely the oversized cardigan. The comfy feeling of it is exactly what I need when I feel like that. It just hit me recently that literally close to none of my spring and summer clothes still fit... which is the ultimate confidence crush. Here's to using fashion to fill us up:)

    1. I love that you go for the oversize cardi too!!
      You're beautiful- have a great week :)

  2. I love this post ! You have such great style !!!!


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