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30 Ridiculously Simple Money Saving Ideas

Money can be confusing... We can't all be geniuses at budgeting, couponing, saving, etc. 
However, there are really simple ways to save money that require no brain power at all!! 
Peruse the following list (broken into categories!) and challenge yourself to try at least 5 of these strategies, and watch your savings soar!


1. Submit all your Walmart receipts to their app for their savings catcher program. You'll get the difference back if any exist at competing grocery stores. Or if you're an Albertsons person, try their new app "just for U"

2. Use Ibotta. This app has many different rebates for food you're already purchasing. You can also get money for buying groceries, referring friends, completing bonuses, etc. Go check it out!

3. Take a minute to read the grocery flyers at the front of the store. All the best deals are advertised, plus coupons right there without any prep time!


Best options: Use Ebates for cash back on your online purchases! Click -> Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

4. Download Shopkick. You earn points for walking into stores, scanning items, and making purchases with a linked credit card.

5. The Target redcard (I have the debit version, not credit) saves you 5 percent every time you use it. If you're a Target-aholic like me, it will definitely make a difference over time. 

6. Search up promo codes. Sites like are a great place to go searching for money saving coupon codes.

7. Sign up for emails from stores. The Gap Factory is one of my favorite stores in the world and their emailed coupons, like "40 percent off your entire purchase," are gold. 

8. Follow your favorite Etsy shops on Instagram. They often share sales and discount codes there. 

9. Stop shopping at Victoria's Secret for underwear. You know you're getting a bad deal! For a comparable quality at a lower price point I love Target's Gilligan O'Malley brand. If you must buy VS it better be the 7 pairs deal! 

Eating out-

10. Sign up for those restaurant rewards cards. It may be a bit of a hassle, but many have such great rewards it's worth it ! One we got recently, at a place called Sanford's, gives local eaters 15 percent off every time you come in for a year!

11. Sign up for emails. Outback, for instance, often sends out deals such as free appetizers or a certain percentage off your bill. 

12. Order water. Soda is one of the highest mark ups at restaurants. Every time you order that free h2o you'll be saving around 3 dollars and nixing calories.

13. Try a no-eat-out-month - I talk about our experience with it HERE


14. Go to the discount movie theater! If you can wait a few weeks to see the flick you will save yourself about 5 dollars each time.

15. Morning movies- even better than a matinee, these morning movies are usually discounted even further. Our theater costs 10 dollars at night, 7.50 for matinee (afternoon) and only 5 dollars in the morning. Each time my husband and I go we save 10 dollars!

16. Skip the concession snack - both your money and calorie budget will thank you! Eat something at home before the flick.

17. Get your theater's reward card. I have heard soo many people say no to it when I'm behind them in line. I'm like, "what are you doing? You just said no to free movie tickets and free concession money!" Ours is a free ticket for every 10 purchased (that's about 5 movies for my hubby and me since we normally go together) and we always seem to have 5 dollars concession cash on our card. 

18. Skip cable. I know it's hard- but my husband and I get along great with our 7.99 monthly Netflix charge. 

Around the home/cleaning-

19. Look up DIY cleaning products. Many are made from things you already have in your kitchen like vinegar, baking soda and lemon. 

20. Hang dry as much as you can. It's free, and the electric bill for your dryer, my friends, is not.

21. Make it a habit to always turn off lights when you leave a room, and turn the sinks off when brushing teeth, and scrubbing dishes. Every penny counts.

22. Wear hoodies, socks, and sweats around the house instead of turning up the heat.

23. Use grocery bags instead of trash bags. (That one is a bit of a sacrifice, but may be worth it in the long run!)


24. Research beauty products - you may find that cheaper alternatives exist and even have better reviews.

26. Take out the coupons and mini samples in magazines!

27. Sign up for Sephora and Ulta's reward program for free birthday gifts, rewards for the points you rack up, and special discounts and savings. 

28. Wax your own eyebrows- it's actually really easy, (check out some YouTube videos) and the kit for like 10 waxes is 8 dollars from Sally Hanson. That's less than a dollar a time Versus 10-15 bucks a pop. You do the math. Get brave.

29. Always apply topcoats every few days to pedicures and manicures to make them last longer. 


30. Check out a program called Scrip. You can buy gift cards for tons of major shops, restaurants, Etc and while you receive 100 percent of the face value of the card your charity receives a certain percentage of your purchase. My church does it for their parochial school. It's an amazing way to donate with out spending an extra dime.

31. Restaurant promotions 
Many places (chick-fil-a, Texas Roadhouse, Arby's, Pizza Ranch) hold fundraisers for charities, schools, and non-profit organizations. It's a great way to support your community while buying food. Because #everybodygottaeat

I hope this list has inspired you to take charge of those little charges that add up!!

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  1. I often prefer DIY cleansers, especially lemon and lavender oil. I always put a top coat over my pedicure and sometimes it will last up to a month.

  2. So many great ideas! I love Walmart Savings Catcher and Ibotta! Not to mention Netflix! I do have the bare minimum on cable, which I plan on cancelling when the promotion I'm on runs out. I've went without it before and it's it not as hard as one would think. :)

  3. I’m a sucker for Walmart Price savings Catcher together with Ibotta! Including Netflix! you provide the smallest regarding connection, which i begin cancelling as soon as the advertising and marketing I will be regarding carries on released and are generally all the things is helpful together with i will be becoming which means that material material personal blogs.

  4. I don’t have deep interest in buying fashion clothes and accessories, but i love exploring new places. Since, I don’t like to go out of budget, so I reduce travel expenses sometimes and save money. I generally travel in shared vehicles of use public transportation, even if I have a personal vehicle.


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