Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter pastels

Who says you can't wear ______ in winter? You're a grown woman. Wear the white!! :)

Sooo... This shirt always seems more blush pink in person. And this whole look went together a lot more in my head than perhaps in real life. But guess what- oh well. Life goes on. This amazing cloud backdrop was too damn good to waste. (Am I allowed to cuss on my blog? #badteacher)
I love my Michael Kors crossbody, but now there are even more gorgeous ones to buy.  I love the first one especially! All of them are around 150. Affordable enough to grab for a beautiful spring bag, but not so cheap that they aren't still an investment bag.

I am definitely getting excited for spring! I have lots more pastels and blush pink to wear:)
Here are some affordable options I'm loving.

These white pants are Old Navy. I like them for the price, but I imagine at some point I would want to buy an investment pair.

Have a fabulous week!
Or do whatever the h*** you want to! 
... I feel like this post got really rebellious 


  1. I am actually wearing white pants right now! #breakalltherules

  2. This blush hue is my favorite and I am loving this color on you gorgeous!

    xx Julianna

    1. Thank you! I love that it is a neutral that looks good on pretty much anyone :)


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