Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Scheduling

"Yes! It's the weekend!" you think gleefully. "I'm definitely going to accomplish x,y,z, have so much fun, and be so well rested for Monday!!"

Sound familiar to anyone? While maybe not your exact thoughts, it may be something similar. We not only want to be productive, we want to have fun, and get rejuvenated for the week ahead. So... How exactly do you do that? 

1. Create a loose schedule
I know, I know. "But it's the weekend! Freedom!" You groan. But truthfully creating a schedule of some sort will help you. First, it will help you maximize your time. Without a schedule most of us will just go with the flow, relax, and be lazy, and perhaps get none of our important list done. Or if you're the amazing girl boss/career girl/mama/superwoman type, it will help you realize how much time you actually have to accomplish all the things you want to. Finally, and this brings me to step 2, make a schedule because it will help you prioritize.

2. Prioritize your time 
We probably can't accomplish x,y, and z and still have time for date night, or that at home spa afternoon. But that's okay because in your heart of hearts you know some of those are more important than others. What tasks have you really been putting off lately? Which important person do you feel has been neglected most in your world? Do the important stuff right away. It will feel great. 

3. If I.... Then I can...
I'm a full time teacher getting my master's degree. I often have more unpleasant tasks to get it done on the weekends than I would like. I often make deals with myself like, if I grade one class of papers then I can watch a Netflix episode. Or if I do part of my homework now, my husband and I can go to the movies later. If you too are as busy as me, remember "Work then fun." You'll thank yourself later.

4. Multitask 
Some activities can be done together. Reading/listening to audiobooks can be done on the treadmill or for a walk around the neighborhood. A face mask can be done while cleaning your kitchen. Paint your nails during your TV time. Catch a podcast while you cook. The Options are endless. 

5. Cleaning 
This could be just me, but having a clean house is one of the easiest ways for me to feel rejuvenated for the week ahead. I can focus on work when I know my home isn't a disaster. Having some groceries and meal ideas for the week doesn't hurt either. Think- what makes you feel rested and rejuvenated for the week ahead so you can focus on the job?? Whatever it is, get it done. 
get it done.

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Happy weekend!!

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