Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why sometimes you should "settle"

I've seen sooo many articles lately with titles that basically remind girls not to settle because "they're the girl no one can have" to literally quote one.
I'm a little tired of this line of thinking. Remember that little area known as the "friend zone?" Where ladies leave the boys who show them kindness? The guys who have manners? Who make them laugh? Yeah, those guys. The ones that might have the potential to be a girl's forever best friend that they spend their whole life with. 

But the quote "never settle" rings forever in a girl's mind. This guy isn't cute enough. This other one isn't dark haired and blue eyed. This guy is too silly. Another plays too many video games.
I don't know all the silly excuses we give ourselves for not dating guys who otherwise have potential, but many sound just like this.

And are we, as ladies, immune to some of these same level of faults? We don't have blond hair, or we laugh too loud, or we gossip with and about our friends too much. Are these reasons that guys shouldn't give us a chance? 

No one is perfect. And I'm sick of the expression "don't settle" because we turn our backs on men who might be praying for a woman just like you. Flaws and faults are part of this wonderful thing we call life. 

Don't get me wrong- obviously there are some faults: wandering eyes, verbal abuse, physical abuse, violent temper, put downs, etc that aren't tolerable. But those silly little obstacles we put in our own way may be keeping you from your lifetime of happiness. 

So if you're supposed to settle, what should you settle upon?
Settle on a man who puts God first, because he'll love your better.
Settle on a man who makes you laugh.
Settle on a man that can handle you at your worst, and you can handle at his.
Settle on a man that doesn't make you feel bad about yourself, ever. 
Settle on happiness. 


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