Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's weekend

Fashion is fun. But I'm kind of a sucker
for posts about people's lives and what they're up to. Maybe that's just me though. #nosey

Valentine's came a week early this year. Last Saturday my husband got me a gold mini iPad and I'm in love. 

I much prefer watching YouTube and browsing blogs on this baby! 

Saturday we started our weekend by heading to our local pottery painting establishment. I painted an iPad holder for my new gift!
The colors will change and get darker once it's been fired in the kiln but here it is for now. 
"If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever" Lord Alfred Tennyson 
I tried for some abstract floral designs. Key word *tried* :)

Next we grabbed some lunch and finished up with some fro-yo for dessert. My hubs doesn't really like it so it's a treat for me for sure. 
I always go for cake batter!

Toppings overload. #asalways
When we got home I convinced him to play Lord of the Rings trivia with me and it was a blast. I kicked his butt because I'm a LOTR buff. :)
We finished the evening off the with the chocolates he bought me and the first chick flick he's ever watched with me. (My grade for Age of Adaline is a B. it wasnt bad !)
Calories don't count on holidays right?!
On Sunday I cooked us chicken cordon bleu, made some guacamole, put some Dr. Pepper in our wedding glasses, and threw some flower petals on for good measure! Lol!

Well that is all for now! Nothing too exciting but fun to share anyway. :) 
Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend!

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