Monday, December 7, 2015

The Little Things

I'm going to tell you a story at the risk of sounding ridiculous...

When I was thinking about creating this post, I was trying to think of what set this boutique apart. The first thing I thought of, was that the shop owner thought of all the little things, and so I decided that would be the focus of the post. As I wrote the title, something finally clicked in my brain... The boutique's name is The Little Things. (@shop_thelittlethings on instagram) Now I don't know whether that makes me the most forgetful/dumb person on the planet, or that the name of the shop is just that spot on.

The first thing you'll notice about your order is that it comes in the cutest packaging. Ever.

I need a sticker of it for my laptop case... just sayin'.
Then, when I opened the package, there was something in it I didn't expect. A glammed up shot gun shell on a keychain. There's something about an unexpected act of generosity that really means a lot. It's one of those "little things" that can be quite meaningful. 
Now the shirt is a whole collection of "little things" that make me really happy.

First of all, its striped.
Second, it has elbow patches! *insert English teacher squeal here* There's something literary and hipster, and old grandpa-ish about them that I just love.
Third, It's longer in the back then the front... perfect weekend shirt to wear with leggings. I love wearing leggings on the weekends... Like I said people, it's the little things!
By the way, this is a sun dial... We have a sun dial in our town! Did not know that until this shoot.

Check out The Little Thing's boutique on Instagram! You won't be disappointed. They have some pieces I'm currently coveting for Christmas, including a glittery reindeer tunic and some sequin leggings! :) 

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to post a comment telling me the little things you love in life!

Big thank you to Brandin at @shop_thelittlethings for making this post possible. 


  1. That top looks so comfortable, I'll definitely be checking out their shop!!
    xo, Syd

    1. Absolutely do! I ended up buying some sequin leggings ! Can't resist. Happy Hump day! :)


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