Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Old Year's Resolutions

I just couldn't wait for a "New Year's resolution." Last night was day 14. I tried something different and I turned on some slower, more calming music and continued plodded away on the treadmill. (It kind of did help me feel calm and not as tired. It was strange)
I hit two miles and slowed the treadmill down to a walking pace in triumph. Day 14 might be done, but day 15 is looming.

My coworker and I are "streaking" through the Holidays... not as risqué as it sounds. :) It's a mile long run every day from Thanksgiving till New Years.

She's running a half marathon. (I'm still undecided on that nonsense)
As for me? Twice, YES TWICE, in the last week I've been asked if I'm expecting. For the record? NOT. EXPECTING. A. BABY. However, I am in fact expecting the next person who asks me that to be jabbed in the eye.

Actually, to be honest, that's not even the reason I've been working out. I started about a week and a half before the pregnancy questions were asked. I felt defeated- all my hard work was a mounting to nothing. But I couldn't let people's insensitive questions get in the way of my goals.
 I had been noticing it in my clothes, seen it in the mirror, seen it in my blog photos, and of course on the scale. I had put on about 20 pounds of happy weight. The kind you get after getting married to the nicest man in the world who would never suggest I work out or lose weight. The kind of man who is okay with eating out when I work all day and then come home and work on homework for my English Master's Degree or put together blog posts for Love.Haight instead of cooking.
My fry obsession wasn't helping matters.

So I had to make a change. I started scouring Pinterest for ideas and motivation, and made going to the gym daily a priority. I also decided to start packing healthier lunches for work. Here are two ideas I got from Pinterest Pins that I photographed for y'all.
This salad is fantastic. Really. And I'm not even a salad person!! Pack a little honey mustard to dip your fork in, and you're golden ! (Found this idea at )

This one is spinach and cucumbers rolled up into turkey for "wraps" and some fruit. (Found this idea on )

It takes weeks to see results, and I keep reminding myself that I didn't put on 20 pounds in 2 weeks and I'm not going to lose it that fast either. 

Anyone have any tips and tricks for keeping motivated!?



  1. That's fantastic!! I know EXACTLY where you are! Four years ago I worked up the courage to go to a Zumba class. I loved it and felt so good about myself doing it. At the end of the class I saw the instructor walking toward me.....her question? "How far along are you?" Yep. I cried right there in front of her( and never stepped foot in her class again!) Honestly though, that experience really motivated me(after a really good cry to my hubby) and I became really passionate about fitness. A half and then a full marathon later, I still love it and have moved on to new fitness goals. I say all of that to say good for you!! You can totally do it! Each day you'll see your confidence grow! And that salad looks fantastic by the way! Thanks for the idea, I'm going to make it this week!

    1. My heart feels so happy knowing I am not alone, and not the only person this has happened to! You are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story! (And totally make the salad. So good!!)


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