Monday, December 28, 2015

Talking about our Tucson Trip

We headed to Tucson Arizona for my 25th birthday. 

Upon arriving at my Gram Gram's house I found this birthday message waiting for me that my little brother and sister in law had left for me when they were there.
Christmas Day my grandma asked me to make a prime rib. I made a delicious butter rub for it.
I was so glad she bought it when I saw the price tag! 55 dollars? Yikes!!

The 26th was my birthday. Honestly, I was pretty sick the whole trip with an awful cold. but I didn't let that stop me from dragging my husband and grandma around the mall for 3 hours. Lol!
I'm planning to post a bit of a haul later this week! :)

We definitely did some gambling, and I was notoriously unlucky. My husband actually did some winning though, which was fun for him.
The last day of our trip we headed to my favorite spot in Tucson- Sabino is so fun to see all the saguaros! (Pronounced Sa-war-o if you're not familiar with these cactus ! :)

Because I didn't feel well, I didn't take many photos- especially of myself. But Our flight is super delayed, and I'm just sitting in the airport so figured I would post this little blurb about the trip anyway.

Hope you all had a fun Christmas too!


  1. Happy belated Birthday, I hope you're feeling better!:)
    xo, Syd


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