Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Surprise Salt Lake Stop

Yesterday was an awful day of traveling. Delays and missed connections seemed to be happening all around us. We too missed our connection in Salt Lake to come home. I was complaining over on snapchat.

But the day didn't end up being so bad after all. Delta's customer service was fantastic. 

They gave us these little overnight toiletry bags.

With an impressive array of goodies. I was definitely most excited by the Kiehls.

We were given a voucher for a night's stay over at the Hilton Double Tree. 
Pretty decor and a hot cookie upon entering brightened my mood up pretty quickly. 

Then we decided to check out the bar area for a midnight snack. I was in love with the marble table and squishy chairs with calf hair pillows.
The lighting was also pretty amazing.

Food time!
I went with calamari, but some of it looked different than I expected... 
Actual little squids. UMM NO THANKS. 
My husband and I had a bit of an adventure and are home safe and sound now.
The extra day gave me a chance to read this book (yes, in a day #englishteacher)

Which was creepy, and entertaining, and quite the page turner that left me on a cliff hanger- whyyyy JK Rowling?! (AKA Robert Galbraith) I recommend this series for sure. (Cuckoo's calling, Silkworm, Career of Evil)

This post was a huge departure from clothes and fashion, and a bit impromptu, but I wanted to share our experience with Delta, and I love reading blogs about people's lives and experiences, and maybe you do too?? Let me know in the comments !


  1. Waaaaaaait! You stopped in Seattle and didn't contact me?!

    1. Omg!!! I couldn't figure out what you meant until I scrolled up and noticed my typo. The title is supposed to say Salt Lake! I'm laughing so hard right now. My bad Molly girl!


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