Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Completely Customizable: Pieces that Speak to You

Every morning when I wake up, like most people, I choose an outfit that works with my mood. I plan everything around that look. I even choose my perfume based on ridiculous things, like the color of my outfit or how sophisticated it is. Things just have to match.

So why should jewelry be any different?

When I was first introduced to Lenny and Eva jewelry, I didn't "get it." Everything seemed to have two lobster clasps, and didn't seem to go together. Problem was, it actually went with everything, and I didn't realize I got to CREATE my own perfect piece of jewelry. The shop owner spoke about everyday mantras, and getting to put on whichever words or jewelry spoke to you that day. So I set about searching the site. (and it is a rabbit hole! It's so fun to look and imagine)
This wing popped up on the site pretty much immediately, and the words "Take Flight" really resonated with me. If you read THIS post about my weight issues and my daily running workout, you totally know why. Every day I have to rise above my busy schedule, people's comments, and my own tiredness to achieve my goals. I put on my running shoes, and I take flight. I added the star because, A) I'm obsessed with stars, and B) it really symbolizes achieving your dreams and goals. The wing is a "statement" and the star is part of "adornments." (I promise this will all make sense if you keep reading. You're building your own one of a kind piece!)
So then it needed what is know as a "foundation" to clip to. If your'e more mathematically/spatially inclined than me, you'll see right away how they got together. I chose the beaded link in Marbled Teal, but there are also bangles, wraps, and other bracelets to choose from!

However, that's not all the piece can do. I also was sent a fringe wrap bracelet/necklace and tassel, and they went together all sorts of ways!

It can obviously be worn as a necklace first and foremost. The necklace chains confused me the most at first because of the two lobster clasps, but you simply connect them like so:

The wrap can also be incorporated into the bracelet in a bunch of ways.

Using the lobster clasps, you can link up everything however you want! 
The possibilities really are only as limited as your imagination! 

You can get 15 percent off at Wild Soul's Lenny and Eva collection with the code Love15 
The pieces aren't ridiculously expensive, and with the discount you should be able to create the piece that speaks to you! I've added a few of my other favorite pieces below! (photos courtesy of
Order by Thursday, December 17th at 10 pm for Christmas delivery! Any orders placed after that will arrive after Christmas; most likely January.

I'm a huge fan of the beaded links! Above: Stone Below: Chalcedony

The Harry Potter lover in me needs this charm!

These next few are statements that link up to wraps, beads, necklaces, and bracelets.
 The smaller ones can be found on this page

These are bigger statement pieces that would need 2 of the beaded links, or they go on a larger cuff bracelet. With like 8 pages of products I'm sure you'll find at least one of your favorite quotes, poems, or Bible verses.

The cuff come in things like bronze snakeskin (above) and solids and metallics. 

Sorry for the super long post, but there was so much to explain with the mix and match capabilities of these pieces. 
Thanks a million to Wild Souls for making this post possible. Keep an eye out in a few weeks to see their clothing featured on the blog too! 



  1. What a pretty bracelet and unique idea! I totally dress by how I feel in the moment too!
    xo, Syd

    1. Thank you so much Sydney! I am glad I am not the only one who does this! ;)


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