Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Decor

This is my second year in my own house. My mom always made a big deal about decorating for Christmas, and she would have every inch of surface space covered with Christmas decorations. So, naturally, as an adult I too love to decorate. I don't have tons yet, but I think I have a life time to collect. Side note, one of my coworkers made an off hand comment the other day and said, "I wonder what your Christmas tree looks like. I bet it has a theme." You bet your bottom dollar it does! Think sparkles, gold, and owls, plus pops of red. :)

 This is probably my favorite ornament. My mom got me this large diamond ring at my bachelorette party because my love proposed to me on Decemeber 27th (the day after my birthday!) so it is to remember that beautiful moment.
 I love owls!
 This cruise ship is an exact replica of the Norwegian Dawn, the ship we sailed on for our honeymoon. I'm so happy my husband bought this at the gift shop. It made me so happy to put it on the tree.

 Glitter and owls! Like I said. :)
 Gotta have an initial on the tree too! Lots of gold in this section. ;)
 These sparkly flowers clip on to the tree. I have 2 white and 2 gold, and I wish I had bought MORE!

 Blurry. And another blurry shot. I suck at this blogging thing! lol

My favorite decoration is my nativity scene. For me, Christ is the focus of this beautiful season.
  If you like this little set (I'm especially obsessed with the backdrop I found) they can be found on Amazon. People & Backdrop

I had this idea this year to stick ornaments into my Christmas bowls. Here's one example. :)

Last time I was at my grandma's she asked if I wanted the fabric nativity my mom had stitched. Ummm #absolutely
Unfortunately, the nails they are hanging on are for other pictures that I have up the rest of the year so they don't quite fit. Oh well. :) Still cute!

My stocking corner is my bookshelf for now.

 The "Joyeux Noel" I made myself once during a crafty day. They are supposed to be gold (but y'all know how good gold paint looks on wood) with snow dipped bottoms.

 This small Christmas tree was one of the most fun things when I was younger. My mom would buy my siblings and me small ornaments every year, and my sister and brother and I would decorate and redecorate them every day up until Christmas. :)
My favorite ornament is my "baby's first Christmas ornament" from 1991.

It has a match handle, and a walnut top, and paper clip and button wheels. I just think it's ridiculously cute.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my home at Christmas! I would love to see other posts like this, so link yours below if you did one this year or in years past!!

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