Sunday, November 22, 2015

When you just GOTTA HAVE IT!

One of my biggest fashion struggles is not just buying every. single. little. thing. exactly the minute. I. want. it. Seriously, though, a shopping addiction is a real thing. I am definitely one of those, "I felt sad, then I online shopped and now I feel better" types of people. So I've been thinking lately about a few ways to overcome that a bit, and then I'll share my tips for how to get those things for a little bit less money if you can't resist. There will even be a few real life examples!  Read on. :)

Avoiding Impulse Buys:

1. Wait for the sale! 
Everything goes on sale at some point. I had been wanting a cheetah clutch forever, and waited for 6 months for The Providence Story to have a sale. It was completely worth it! 
Instead of Clare V's price of over 200, it was 130. Then she had a 20 percent off sale and I got it for around 109. Score!

2. Have a running inventory of your closet.
Yes- that does mean you have to know what's in it. We are all creatures of habit to some extent. I buy lots of stripes and sweaters and neutrals. But I always know if I have something similar, and if I do, I have to justify why I need this one too. Whether it's longer, softer, the other one can be retired, doesn't fit as well, whatever - there has to be a reason this one is coming home with me. 

3. Sleep on it.
If I had a dollar for every time my mother said this phrase to me I could probably buy everything I wanted! This advice works for a lot of things, and making purchases is definitely one of them. If it's a purchase in your hometown or online, take a night to sleep on it. There is a big chance you won't even remember it the next day. If you do, and can't seem to get it out of your mind, then it's time to make another trip. If you can't muster up the energy to do it- it wasn't meant to be!
3. Budgeting
Even if you don't want to create a full blown budget, (me either!) you should know the basics of what you can spend each month on clothes/accessories/makeup/whatever your weakness is.

Okay, so you just gotta have it! You can still save some money!

1. If you are shopping at a store with no sale going on without a coupon...
That's your first mistake! Why go if there isn't a deal? Why fall in love with something you can't buy? Head to your favorite stores when they have sales and discounts going on. Seriously. Just wait. :)

2. If you are online shopping...
-Take advantage of your credit cards cashback programs! I have an entire post dedicated to how I save money using mine. You can find that HERE.
 -Google promo codes. I love I find codes all the time for percentages off or free shipping.
The promo code for another 15% off and free shipping was from retailmenot. I got these earrings for less than 40 dollars.

3. Mall shopping 
- There are so many coupons for Express, Kohls, Gap, Bath and Body Works, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Victoria's Secret (yes, It's okay to just get the free underwear and walk out! lol) Come prepared! Anymore they take them on your phone too, which is nice. Gap Factory recently had a store wide sale and then had an email coupon for 40 percent off your entire purchase. I recently posted this photo where I got all of these items for less than 50 dollars. 

-Download Shopkick IMMEDIATELY. Use my code for 50 free kicks to you when you download it. 

You will not regret it! Get kicks for walking into stores you were going anyway (Target, Macys, JC Penny, Best Buy, Walmart), and scan items if you're feeling especially motivated. I have redeemed my kicks for Sephora Gift Cards and Macy's. Remember THIS POST with a new Michael Kors bag?
Got it with my kicks! 
Can you tell I use this app all the time?? :)

I hope you found some good reminders in this post about utilizing everything you can to save money! It ain't easy being a shopoholic, but someone has to do it right?!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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