Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Getting my wings

Anniversary earrings:

Have you ever been obsessed with something for a long time and held off buying it? Yeah me either. #shopoholic 

But my last birthday (the day after Christmas) I saw YouTube star Tanya Burr post these rose gold wing earrings. And I knew that I had to have them. Recently I also saw Fleur de Force wearing them as well in a video. (I love YT beauty gurus!)

My sweet husband finally bought them for me for our anniversary, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I love how striking they are since they cover so much of the ear, and how shiny they are. They feel solid and are made from sterling silver mixed with a copper for that classic rosy look. 

You have to buy the earrings separate, and they also have a reverse earring that can be paired with it that looks amazing, but these were already pricy enough. Maybe another year! 

Here's how it looks with both! (This photo is from Maria Black's Instagram)

Here's a link to check them out if you're interested ! I absolutely am a fan!

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