Friday, October 9, 2015

A Painting of my Pup!

Sage's anniversary gift -

Have you ever seen the list of anniversary gifts by year? I'm not sure how they differ but here is one such list.
Year 1 is paper, and even though I didn't actually plan it- my gift for my husband on our anniversary was paper.

I'm pretty sure he loves our dog more than me, so a cute little painting of him was the perfect choice. I thought he could frame it for his man cave.

 I came across Serena Martin Designs on Instagram- @serenamartindesign and loved her work so I commissioned a painting of our poodle Tugboat. 

Check out this shot and caption from her Instagram- she is so sweet. 

I paid for the painting this summer through PayPal (a very safe way to pay!) and everything went very smoothly. Her rate was extremely reasonable. She emailed me updates and even a sketch for approval. The actual painting arrived about 2 weeks before our anniversary. 

Here is the photo she was working from 
She did such a great job of capturing his naughty little face. I know I laughed when I saw the first sketch, and one of the most precious memories of our anniversary trip was when Sage opened the gift and we giggled together over I. He loved it so much. 

Now the difference between good service and great service is in the details. Check out how the gift came wrapped-
I was extremely confused by the two packages. I had only ordered one painting...
Which brings me to the difference between great service and outstanding, mind blowing service- A sweet surprise  with your order. 
We were also given a fat stack of notecards with our puppy on them!! 

I couldn't be happier with my choice to work with Serena. She exceeded my every expectation. I would not hesitate to commission her! For an extra cost, she can even put people in the painting! Check out-

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