Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Metallics Week: Sparkling Silver

Some people do best for last. Some people procrastinate on less favorite activities. I'll let you decide why silver is Wednesday's post of metallics week!

Silver sequins on grey. :) This exact shirt from F21 is linked below!

This mug cracks me up. My mom and I found it at a thrift store. As a kid I used to be embarrassed about thrift shopping. Then one day, my little brother said, "Don't be embarrassed to be in a thrift store. Because if they see YOU in here, you see THEM in here!" Makes me smile to this day.
Bling on bling people! 

Don't mind the photobombing poodle. He always wants to hang out! I've got another express top in Silver. They used to make loads of sequined tanks! These shoes were a great find at Goodwill last week. A sweet lady there told me to wash the inside with spray lysol. So I did. What a great tip!
These Vans were only 3 dollars and were exactly my size! Score! :)

Silver pieces for your wardrobe!


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