Monday, July 13, 2015

Metallics Week: Coming Up Roses

It's Metallic Week, day 1, here on Love.Haight! The idea for this series came to me when I was writing out a list of blog post ideas. I noticed "rose gold outfit' was on the list since I just bought a rose gold bag, and "gold outfit" was also on the list, thanks to an awesome gold skirt from my sister-in-law that she wore to our superhero murder mystery party. I also needed to post about the gorgeous dress I found in Sandpoint that just so happened to be both silver and gold. So Metallic week was born. I just had to find something for the strictly silver post and I was on my way.

Rose gold- my very favorite of all the metals. My last 3 pieces of fine jewelry from my sweet husband have all been rose gold. (More about accessories on Friday... Promise!)

I like my blog to be a place of fun and honesty. It is never going to be perfect around here. Truth be told, this outfit doesn't quite fit me right anymore. I gained a few happy pounds after meeting my hubs. =/ But here it is anyway!

The rose gold skirt was kind of hard to match perfectly, so I went with a very bland neutral so that the skirt could be the focal point. It matches perfectly with my rose gold bag! (If you're interested you can buy one of those HERE)
I also had my rose gold Kendra Scott bracelet on as well! Similar pieces linked at the bottom!

Sparkle overload!

Below are some fun (and fairly affordable!) rose gold things I found that you might want to add to your wardrobe!

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