Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Planner Review

Today I'm sharing a lucky find- my new planner. I've long wanted an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I couldn't justify the price. This planner from Plum Paper is a bit cheaper, but still beautiful and fully customizable!
The first customization is what month you want it to start it. It is a 12 month planner. I started mine in June! The next thing you can customize is the graphics on the front and then, of course, you can add your name. Some even have monograms. (Love me some monograms!) 

I love the colors in this planner. Except this red - bleh. Love the mints and turquoises. 

Before each month is a full month view. THIS IS A MUST. Last year's planner didn't have that and it drove me nuts!!

Okay, on to the actual planning. I'll admit, I'm a snoop... I LOVE looking in other people's planners. I want to see their life. Yeah... bit weird. 

The last customization is along the left side of your weeks. You get to choose 7 different categories for your daily planning! After much deliberation I chose To Do, Teaching, Master's (I'm currently earning a master's in English- love it!) Errands, Writing (I probably should have wrote "blogging") Home, and Dinner. 
If I could redo it I would get rid of the "To Do" I am the queen of to do lists, but truthfully each of the other categories is basically a to do list. My bad. Next year I'll do better with my choices!

Here is a week in my life! I'm wrapping up my teaching year and getting ready for a weekend trip to Seattle. I added a few stickers too! I got these from a cute little Etsy Shop. 

I don't care who you are... pretty pens are a must. :)

These are from Sweet Kawaii Design. So cute! :)

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