Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little Brother's Wedding

My little brother got married this weekend on a beautiful day in Minnesota. I wanted a pretty dress to look back on in family photos :) I found one at Forver 21 for only 40 bucks. Such a great deal. A lot of people wanted to know where I purchased it!

I pinned my hair back and up to the side
And then pulled it into a side pony and did a few topsy tails to give it some pizzazz. The best photo I have of it is is from snapchat. Go figure !
This is my sister and I- a lot of people think we look like twins... We think it's weird! 

My shoes were Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom. I love them but my toes hurt for sure!

I also carried my white Gigi New York clutch. 
Lots of blush and neutrals!

It reminded me of the day 8 months ago that I married my best friend!! Isn't he adorable?!

My dad was the pastor who married him just like he married my husband and me and my other 2 siblings. :) the wedding address was wonderful- reminding us that marriage is based on commitment, not feelings, because feelings change from day to day. Keep Christ in the middle, he will provide a firm foundation!


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