Monday, June 15, 2015

eShakti clothing: customized by YOU.

You guys... this might be the most excited I've been for something since, well ever! Have you ever seen a piece of clothing you liked, but couldn't quite fall in love with it? You adored the color, but it was way too low cut. Or the style was cute, but you HATED those pockets or the embellishments... You get the idea.

As a teacher, I know that I have fallen in love with things just to be disappointed that it didn't meet my personal requirements for work attire. I teach middle school, so being appropriately dressed is incredibly important for a happy work environment. (If you're a teacher too, and you're curious about my guidelines for building a teacher wardrobe, that post is HERE)

Well, anyway, eShakti has a solution for all of that. Their clothing is customizable, and is done to your own specifications. Yes, you read that right; YOU get to be the designer! They offer sizing for everybody: sizes 0-36. They generously offered me a chance to try it out for all of you. And I am so ridiculously in love with my customized piece that they definitely made a believer out of me! They shipped it across the world in 2 days! I plan to be a loyal customer! Let's get on to the clothes shall we?

Originally the dress I picked out looked like this: (Linked HERE and a similar blue scalloped dress from eShakti that's more affordable HERE)

I mean... it had potential... I love the color and the scalloped bottom. But it is really NOT my style.
But then I realized what the company meant when they said I could customize it. I decided to make it a work appropriate outfit. I screenshot the customizing options for you all on their site. Not every piece has every single option for customizing - but most do!

Neckline - definitely not! Too low-cut. So I changed it to my personal favorite - boatneck.

Sleeves - Hmm.... My state is cold most of the school year! Make them longer.
Length - Too short. Ah, above knee length! Better.

Other options - pockets? BYE.
Finished product: Way cuter! (In my humble opinion!)

My hair is looking kind of red here, no? 

Anyway, so the dress: LOVE. 
-The material is fabulous. Super high quality, better than really anything I've ever purchased. It is thick, stretchy, soft, and comfortable. I'm in love.
-The scallops- I don't think these even need an explanation!
-The hemming on the bottom is amazing! They used a lighter blue so it pops - and literally not a hanging thread in sight. It was kind of astounding.

Details: leopard belt and gold fringe bracelet

Love it? Ready to try it out yourself? They gave me a coupon code for you all! You can save 10 percent off your order with the coupon code "surprisinglyinspired" Pop that in the promotional code box and you're good to go. You can't use it on clearance, but they said it can also be used with other offers on their site! Score.

eShakti's Website
Here are 5 picks that are on my wish list! Linked to the right for easy shopping. ;)

Here is all of their social media links:
eShakti's Instagram
eShakti's Facebook
eShakti's Pinterest
eShakti's Twitter 

Thanks for Reading! :)


*disclaimer* eShakti sent me the dress, but no other payment was given- all opinions are mine! :)

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