Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paint your own canvas

The cool new thing is painting in groups with an instructor helping you make your canvas beautiful (very helpful to people like me who aren't overly artistically gifted.) Add the availability of wine and I'm there. However, it's kind of expensive. The local place was 35 a person. And the boy and I couldn't agree on a painting to go and do. Furthermore, then we have 2 of the same painting more or less. The solution? DIY of course.

 A pack of 2 canvas from Hobby Lobby is 7.99 ( use the online 40% off coupon for this part) and then grab some acrylic paints. We used Anita's as it was only $.79 a bottle) and make sure that you have any sort of tools you need like paintbrushes. Total we spent 30 and had supplies left over for future craftiness.

 Use the internet as inspiration for your art. I wanted the dandelion blowing in the wind. My fiancĂ© went way more difficult and made his own stencil of the world. It was my idea to add the John 3:16 verse as a border. They turned out great and we had a wonderful afternoon together making them. If you're feeling a bit more social, do what my big sis does and invite friends over for a painting party!

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