Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The non-runners running guide

So you want to be a runner, but mostly you don't. As in, you kinda hate it, but love the results, am I right? That's me to a tee and yet I still run. I'm slower than a stampeding turtle in peanut butter. But I run. ;) here are my favorite tricks.

Tip #1
Don't push yourself

I know what you are thinking. "Why are you encouraging people to be lazy?! What is this crap?" Hear me out. If you get to the gym and jump on a treadmill and you jack the thing up to 8 miles an hour, you will hate your life and be off it in about 2 minutes. Trust me on this one. Do it at a pace you can actually enjoy comfortably for awhile. This will keep you motivated to not only fulfill your set goal this time but to actually come back for more. If you're running outdoors, don't get too far away from your house in your route. Make sure there is an accessible way to get home so you can start heading home when you're ready. Bottom line, IF YOU DO WHAT YOU'RE CAPABLE OF YOULL CONTINUE DOING IT AND IMPROVE.

Tip # 2
Engage your mind 

Watch YouTube videos or netflix/hulu while on a treadmill.The time will absolutely fly by as you get your workout done. I always catch up on my YouTube beauty videos ! This really tricks your brain into engaging elsewhere besides the pain in your lungs or legs. If you're not much for TV try an audiobook either for fun or class/work. Boom- double bonus.

Tip #3
Sign up for fun 5k's to run.

Having these runs in your future not only motivates you to run but also instills the mindset that running is fun. Don't be intimidated by the "race" aspect. Trust me. I've seen plenty of people there for the sheer joy of it and not to compete. I'm talking walkers, elderly, children , and people of all sizes in crazy outfits. I've done mud runs, color runs. Thanksgiving turkey trots,  Hot chocolate run, 4th of July, Ugly sweater runs... The list goes on. It really gives you something to look forward to. Get on sites like living social to get awesome deals on runs near you. You'll also get tshirts! :) bonus!

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