Monday, March 3, 2014

10 things I would like to do more of

Saw a post like this and thought it was super cute, so figured I would copy cat. This is my list of 10 things I would like to do more of. As March rolls in and spring is right around the corner, it seemed an appropriate time. :) 

1. Drink more water. 
I'm terrible about it. Unless I'm working out or feel thirsty the taste of it makes me not wanna drink it. But it's so healthy!

2. Make my bed.
My big sissy says it makes your room look almost clean. Truth.

3. Hard workouts.
I've become lazy with these. Hard work does a body good. 

4. Be off my phone more.
There's more to life than Facebook. This is a huge flaw of mine.

5. Paint my nails.
This simple step makes everyone look more put together. I've got polishes galore too. 

6. Save money.
Houses don't buy themselves.

7. Give the boy some breathing room.
He probably deserves more nights out with his friends than he takes.

8. Work on my book.
This is my year.

9. Walk my dog.
He needs it and deserves it!!

10. Floss my teeth.
My teeth suck and I'm sick of cavities. Enough said. 

11. Bonus! Pray before my meals.
I'm forgetful. :(

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