Monday, January 6, 2014

Teaching the first day back from break

When my alarm went off this morning I don't think I could have been any less excited to teach. 2.5 weeks off (the extra .5 was from missing right before break-double the stress) made me never want to go back. They say that looking into the past gives you rose colored glasses. For me it did the opposite. I only remembered the negative. Then when I got to school something wonderful happened. One of my very sweetest students, who has been dealing with a freak sickness of his father after a routine surgery, hustled into my classroom to congratulate me on my engagement that he found out about as his neighbor is a coworker of mine and her son is also in my class. How very, very humbling for me. I Live for moments like that. It's what has made teaching worthwhile. 

Here are my ideas for the first day back. 

-keep it simple. The kiddos are as bummed as you to be back.
-begin with a review. Middle schoolers especially will forget everything they learned previously.
-don't rely on "fun" to get their attention. They have to get back into the groove as much as you do. 

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