Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Friday - My Picks for Clothes Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're here, I'm super thankful for you reading my dumb little blog. I still just enjoy talking about shopping and organizing and my life!

So it's no secret. I'm a shopaholic, so this weekend is one of my favorites of the year!! I can't lie.

PSA... Do not, I REPEAT, do not forget to use Rakuten for cash back! You know you're gonna shop online, why not get money back? Use my link and get an extra $10 bonus on your first qualified purchase.

--- Without further ado, my favorite sales I've seen so far! ---

50% off everything. You just can't beat them for work tops, denim, sweaters, tanks, dresses, etc.

J Crew-

Also 50% off! (you have to join their mailing list I think, or its 40 percent) I don't typically shop here, but I did just get a new to me J Crew coat (secondhand) from the brand, and they have more current/recent versions of it - some for a great price!! The cheaper (bottom) option is HERE in two colors and some sizes, and the more expensive version (top) is HERE in some other really pretty color options, like this one below!

50 % off! My new love as you know!! And don't forget to check for cashback from Rakuten. It's currently 2% but it may change tomorrow to be better... you never know! UPDATE- 10 percent back!

Old Navy
has 50% everything and then another 10% cash back currently on Rakuten! Love them for cute stuff for myself and my kids!!

50% off They have been surprising me lately with some cute stuff that's not just for teens!! I ordered this black bodysuit a few days ago... getting the white so I can decide between the two colors, along with this pair of high waisted jeans. And I REALLY like this beanie. :D

Last thing.... Sage and I picked out some new lighting last night for our house on West Elm!! They all free shipping and up to 30 percent off on stuff.  I am SOOO excited to get rid of our ugly dining room chandelier. Details to come I hope!!

While there are many more places to shop, I really just like when everything on a site is like half off instead of hunting down specific deals. Someone hold my credit card.... LOL

xoxo, Love.Haight

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