Thursday, August 23, 2018

Top 10 Must Haves for Baby

1. Rock and Play

In the first 3 months, there is nothing that came more in handy than this thing. She napped in it a lot (although it is not recommended for unsupervised nighttime sleeping.) This one looks way nicer than the one we bought! haha


2. Halo Sleep Sack

I do feel that swaddling babies helps them sleep better and longer. (That startle reflex is for real!)
My pediatrician stressed not over bundling, so I recommend lighter weight clothes underneath (especially for spring!)


3. Those First Few Toys

Find things that are soft, make crinkle noises, have tags attached, teething attachments, are black and white, and are overall just fun and easy to play with for hours. Make sure to get one that attaches to a carseat for that first road trip!          


4. Baby Bling Bows

Everyone always wants to know where I get my daughter's adorable bows. They are worth every penny; they leave no red marks!


5. Baby Bjorn carrier

Carrying your kid around can get tiring. And grocery shopping when the car seat takes up most of the grocery cart?? NOPE. That's why I would recommend a carrier of some kind! I have 3.... yeah oops. But here is my favorite.


6. Socks That Stay On, or Pants with "Feet" 

Baby's feet get cold. We know this. But socks do NOT stay on their feet. That's pretty clear too. Enter the pants with feet attached. Life saver for winter babies!


7. Boss Diaper bag

My diaper bag is one of my all time favorite purchases for baby... because it's really for me. It's beautiful and stylish (check out the tassel and zippers) and can be worn so many different ways, backpack, crossbody, handbag, and strapped to a stroller. It also comes with 2 clutches and a changing pad. They really have thought of everything. And it comes in 3 colors!!!! (all the heart eyes)



8. Books

I love reading to my kid- and I really like to mix it up so I don't get bored. Here are some of my favorites:

This book saved us for tummy time! It folds out accordion style and sits upright for them to look at be entertained during tummy time. I highly recommend this for $5!

Fun, interactive books from Usbourne:
My cousin sells these fun books HERE! My favorites are:

Baby's First Slide and See: Heavy duty interactive books that slide, flip, and spin to provide fun for littles.
All Better: It comes with REUSABLE sticker bandaids to "fix" the characters' booboos
What a Wonderful Word: A book about beautiful words that don't translate directly into English
I love you Monumentally: So cute and also instructive!

9. A travel system car seat/stroller

I love that you can go from car to stroller and back in like 10 seconds. I used one from Urbini and they're under 200 for everything. Score.

10. Elephant Sound Machine

This thing really helps baby sleep. I can think of a couple instances where she was struggling (either getting to sleep or staying asleep) and this guy helped. I'm sure there are "better" sound machines out there, but sometimes its just about price! This one will stay on either 15, 30, 45 minutes and shut off automatically. It shines colored stars on to the ceiling.

These are just a few things I loved!! What do you consider a must have?


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