Friday, August 31, 2018

Sleeping like the Dead... With GhostPillow

Okay... the title of this post. I wouldn't be an English teacher if I didn't do plays on words and use idioms. I'd have to turn in my badge. And I really love that badge.

But it's also so very fitting. The idiom means to sleep so soundly that you seem... well... dead. haha!
And isn't sleeping soundly at the top of many of our wish lists? It certainly is on mine as a new mom. So when GhostBed reached out about a collaboration with a pillow, I was definitely game to try it. Their slogan is similarly punny... "Supernatural comfort."
My dog checking to make sure I'm still alive.

The Ghostpillow arrived and my husband immediately wanted me to open it.

I have NEVER seen him excited about any of my blog collaborations. He pulled it out of it's box and immediately said, "You're going to love this." He was right.
It was so, so soft, and yet supportive at the same time. Before my Ghostpillow I was solely sleeping on down pillows. I LOVE the softness, but they can definitely lack support. Not so with this. Every morning that I have woken up, I have zero neck pain or stiffness, and I haven't lost that soft comfort. I never want to leave my bed in the morning, and now thanks to my Ghostpillow it's even worse! (Luckily my sweet husband often brings me coffee in bed!)

Not leaving this spot!

The pillow also boasts a cooling aspect to keep you from feeling hot and clammy all night. You can definitely feel that on the pillow when you touch it. Very cool!

Now, for the price: $85. People will balk. "For a pillow?!" they ask in shock.
YES. ABSOLUTELY. I may have thought that at one point, but the more I thought about it, everyone seems to complain about lack of sleep, restlessness, tossing and turning... and yet do they arm themselves with the right supplies for a great night's sleep? We ask a lot of our pillow to use it every day for years...

Let's do some simple math. If you sleep every day  (Ha- which of COURSE you will) and use your pillow for a year that amounts to 24 cents a day. Yep, that's right- less than a quarter a day!
And Ghostpillow has an industry leading 5 year warranty. So even if it only lasts you those 5 years, now you are looking at the "oh so expensive price" of less than 5 cents a night.

Are you really going to tell me you can't afford a nickel a night for great sleep? Of course you can! And best of all, they have a 101 night trial. So truly there is nothing to lose.

I have one last little pillow tip= just for fun. I've always enjoyed ripping out the perfume samples in magazines to rub on my pillowcases before hopping into bed to read a book before falling asleep.
 It makes nighttime extra luxurious.

This post was done in collaboration with GhostPillow, but I only recommend things I truly love, so all opinions belong to me! :) I don't receive a commission if you buy one or anything- but you totally should!!
Find it HERE

xoxo, Love.Haight

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