Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Reads

I read quite a bit in April. I've got 5 books to share with you! A couple of them were books I read through NetGalley- a really awesome book site that gives you opportunities to read and review novels before they are published.

Books Being Published Soon


The Marriage Pact is one of those books that seems almost plausible, and yet has an air of unreality about it. When Jake and Alice get married, they are given “The Pact” as a gift. At first it seems like a fairly innocuous gift- a way to help them have a great marriage that won’t end in divorce. But once you’re in; you’re in, and there’s no getting out. The rules are law and the punishments severe. It was the kind of book that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable and yet one that you just can’t put down. I found myself almost skimming through the book as I flew through the pages- needing to find out the ending.

Recommend- Yes

It’s Always the Husband was hailed as a book in the same vein of Lianne Morairty’s Big Little Lies. (Which I read and loved.) However, I’m sad to report that it was nothing like that novel. The characters in Moriarty’s book came alive and were likable in different ways, but Campbell’s characters did not hold the same charm. The characters felt flat and forced to me. I wanted to love it, but as the mystery unraveled I found that I just wasn’t invested in the story. If you enjoy a novel that keeps you guessing until the end you might like it. The ending was kind of shocking, but I think that was in part to an overabundance of missing information.

Recommend- No (I feel bad saying that, but I really wouldn’t)

Rich People Problems was surprisingly entertaining through and through. The story follows Asian families and the number of story lines that were all connecting and intertwining was quite impressive. I thought it was an interesting fictional look into rich people’s lives but it was also very tongue in cheek funny. There is an underlying humor throughout the book with good doses of drama and intrigue.

Recommend- Yes (Especially if you like a peak into rich people’s lives)

Books Already Published

The Shining was a recommendation from a friend. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it, because I’m a self-professed wimp. Scary books are not my forte. However, most of the book wasn’t in and of itself terrifying, while the set up was pretty scary. I feel like most of the scare factor comes from the anticipation; the knowledge that something scary is going to happen and you’re just watching a man’s descent into madness that will culminate in something awful. Overall I liked it, and am currently reading the sequel, Doctor Sleep.

Recommend- Yes (if you have a strong constitution)

In a Dark, Dark Wood follows Leonora/Lee/Leo/Nora as she attends the bachelorette party, or Hen Party, as the Brits call it, of a friend from the distant past. Seems pretty innocent right? Well not when murder happens. Nora was confused why she was even invited in the first place, but decided to go anyway, and lives to really regret it. It is a quick easy read, and a page-turner, but I purchased the book and, to be honest, definitely didn’t think it was worth the money, especially when I wouldn’t read it again. (I also bought her book The Woman in Cabin 10 and I wasn’t a huge fan of that one either, so I guess it’s my own fault)

Recommend- Yes (only if it’s free at the library)

If you have book recommendations leave them in the comments! 
Happy Reading everyone!
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