Sunday, April 16, 2017

No Spend Week 2

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This is the 3rd post in my series for my April no spend month. The first one is HERE that details how to prepare for one. The first week recap is HERE. 


This week I did pretty well on no spend. I didn't eat out, I didn't make any online orders, and I didn't get anything from the store. However, I did sign up for a free trial of Hulu. I couldn't wait any longer to see the 13th season of Grey's Anatomy and the 7th season of Pretty Little Liars. I'm still kind of wondering if that's cheating, even though it didn't technically cost me anything this month.

I also wanted to use my birthday gift card to Sephora, but my husband told me he thought that was cheating. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it will still probably be good to stay the path and not buy anything- gift card or not.

Finally- my husband did buy me a little gift for Easter today. It was so sweet, and I loved it, but I guess it isn't a full family no-spend; it's mostly just for me to work on my spending.

Take Aways

I've found the more I say "no" and resist buying things, the easier it gets. It is kind of like dieting.

Checking our credit card statement and seeing a lower balance is also rewarding. Kind of like getting on the scale and finally seeing the numbers moving.

Staying away from temptation is a key aspect of success. However, you don't want your whole life to become boring. Penciling in dinner or movie dates in your planner for the next month gives light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading this journal-like post!
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  1. I totally understand the analogy to dieting! It's all about habit-building! We're going on a big trip in May, so we're focusing on not adding any unnecessary costs to our budget right now, and that definitely helps--having a goal in mind!


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