Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mad for Moonstone

Sorry about my alliterative titles. But truly I am quite crazy for this gorgeous ring from Carrie Elizabeth. You know when you finally find the thing you've been looking for- and you can't help but wear it every day and show it off? Yeah- that's this ring for me. I originally found a moonstone ring on Pinterest. I found out it was a Luna Skye ring and I immediately knew they were far beyond my budget when I saw the 1,500 price tag! This piece was both gorgeous and affordable.
Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery carries gorgeous pieces for the everyday girl who can't afford to splurge on fine jewellery.
The moonstone changes color so much, it constantly catches my eye. This photo has a pinkish hue, while the one below looks white. 

Then in certain lights, an unearthly purple/blue glow seems to emanate from the ring. It really is quite magical. I also love the hexagon of real diamonds around the moonstone. It gives the ring that extra pop of glam. 

The best part? Like I said, this ring is affordable! Some fine jewellery will cost you hundreds to even a thousand dollars. But not every girl can afford that kind of splurge. Carrie Elizabeth bridges the gap between fashion/costume jewellery and fine jewellery at a price that lets you treat yourself.

Carrie Elizabeth is a British company, but ASOS carries some of the line if you would like to purchase through them. They've got a gorgeous pear shaped ring and a matching necklace to my ring.
       You can also check out their American stockist HERE. If you're looking for sales, be sure to follow Carrie Elizabeth on Instragram, because they post their sales there!!
Look at that glow!
A big thanks to Carrie Elizabeth for giving me a discount in exchange for a post. For the record, I found them and reached out to them- so you can be sure that I LOVE my ring and highly recommend you purchasing through them. :)

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