Sunday, April 23, 2017

Did I fail No-Spend Week 3?

Hello again!

Welcome to the 4th No Spend post of my no-spend April challenge. Here are the others if you missed them:
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So... you are the judge and jury this week. I want to know from you guys if I failed no-spend week 3. Here's the evidence. (heehee)

Things were pretty good until Wednesday. We'd been cooking at home, and then my husband wanted to go to Wendy's. I said no twice, and then I was worn down. I can't lie; it sounded good. We both got a 4 for $4 deal.

Thursday the Sephora sale started. And if you know anything about Sephora, you know they rarely have sales. I had a gift card from my birthday to use, so I didn't actually spend my own money. So I'm not sure if it counts. I got this because I've had my eye on it for weeks on end! Then I got two of these to hit the free shipping mark! I still have a little of the gift card left, so I'm not feeling completely horrible! ;)

Then Saturday/Sunday we played in a weekend volleyball tournament. We paid the 100 dollar entrance fee, but usually teammates pitch in as well. So the total there should be a bit less than 40.

Because of the exhausting all day tourney, we were tired and hungry: no one was cooking. We went out to an actual restaurant and between the two of us spent at least 30 bucks.

So the total damage was probably about 125 dollars in food, fun, and makeup. I have excuses like the bi-annual Sephora sale+ gift card and just being too tired to move after the vball tourney, but the question for you is... did I fail?

Let a girl know in the comments! :)

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