Monday, March 27, 2017

30 Dollar Outfit

Okay isn't this jacket the bomb? This outfit is one of my new favorites for spring! 
Yeah, you read the title right. 30 dollars for this entire outfit. So what's the secret?
Well... Ross. A store I never shopped at. Like ever. I was a frequent shopper at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. But Ross? - forget it. It seemed messy and trashy somehow. But recently I've been shopping there on occasion.
The items are really affordable, but finding them is always quite the treasure hunt. There are many things in the store that aren't in my style, but when I find the perfect skirt, dress, top, or jacket it is always well within my price range.
Skirt: 7.99
White Tank 4.99 (technically it was from Target, but you can find these anywhere, including Ross)
Blush Jacket: 17.99
Total: 30.97 (Okay - a little more than 30 dollars but 31 doesn't sound as good! heehee)

Thanks for stopping by today!

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