Monday, January 30, 2017

Unexpected Benefits of Getting a Master's Degree

Benefits of getting a Master's Degree

When I decided to get my Master's degree, there were a few obvious benefits. For one, my salary would increase at my job. That was an obvious reason to get my degree. But beyond that, it would open up a few job opportunities if one day I decided I would like to do something else. I also enjoy school, learning, and reading so it wasn't that hard to convince me to sign up.

However, there were a few extra benefits I wasn't aware of before starting my degree. I thought I would share those with you today!

1. Discounts at stores

One awesome benefit was student discounts. You can ask around at places, or google "student discounts." The one I used the most was definitely ASOS . I got 10 percent off my purchases during the 1.5 years of getting my Master's. That was certainly awesome!

2. Tax Break

It didn't occur to me before I started, but once tax season rolled around, my husband and I realized we would get a small tax break since I was a student paying tuition. It definitely helped us out come April! This is the last year we qualify, and I know I will certainly appreciate it.

3. Valid Excuse for Staying Home

Okay, this one is a little bit horrible... but to be honest- getting my Master's degree did entail a LOT of work. Therefore, it was a completely plausible, and usually honest, excuse for getting out of social engagements I wasn't up for participating in. I didn't have to make awkward excuses- I simply could say, "actually I have Master's homework." Works like a charm.

4. Meeting New Friends with Similar Interests

My Master's, like many others, was a cohort program. While mine was a distance program, we still got together weekly for an online video class. We also spent a couple weeks together at our University during the summers. We created a strong support group for one another which turned into friendships with like minded people. It was such a great experience.

5. Going Outside your Comfort Zone

To get my Master's I had to write a thesis (mine was 70 pages long) and defend it to a committee. I was scared out of my mind; but you know what? I did it. And because of that, I'm a little stronger and braver than I was before.

I hope this post was helpful to some who might be thinking about the plunge for higher education! :) 
Happy Monday!
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