Sunday, October 9, 2016

Who are You Wearing?

When you're choosing your outfit for the day, do you ever stop and think about where your clothes come from? I know I  didn't. We all like to save money, but the unfortunate reality is, that between fast clothing and sweat shops, you can buy cute clothes on the cheap. But recently, a friend and fellow grad school student opened my eyes a bit. She is writing her master's thesis on the statements made by companies that employ sweat shops to make their clothing. And it isn't pretty.
She sent me this dress from People Tree to help spread the word about fair trade clothing. They have very cute clothes, and the cotton is softer than you can imagine. As you shop, you can look for the symbol below on tags and webpages to find clothing that supports fair trade for workers.

Check out their sale page for amazing deals on adorable clothes! HERE

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