Thursday, October 27, 2016

Perfect Dress for Curvy Girls

Hey ladies!

Today, I'm very excited to show you the dress I received from eShakti. They are an amazing company that lets you customize your clothes.

And they always. turn. out. awesome. :)

If you are a little curvier like me, you will love the way it helps hide those extra pounds. While I am down almost 10 pounds from August (Yay!) I still have a ways to go.

Let's start with the black color... Of course it is very flattering color, we all know that. However, there is something about the thickness and opacity of the material that truly adds to that !

Best of all, there is a slight ruching that helps hide that little extra something to love!

Also, I love this photo, but it's a little blurry. The kitty cats at my brother's house wouldn't leave me alone!
Check out the dress here. It is around 50 dollars but I promise you will get SO MUCH wear out of it this fall and winter. Best of all you can customize the neckline and sleeve length! (although I recommend keeping the long sleeves! Go get it!!

Thank you to eShakti for sending me the dress! All opinions are my own - and I LOVE their clothes.
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